Cosmic makeup

Makeup artists and beauty bloggers regularly present their interpretations of cosmic make-up. Within its framework, you can implement the most non-trivial ideas, fantasize using glitter and bright eye shadow. The advantage of cosmic make-up is that every girl can feel herself a creator and independently choose the ways to realize the image. He does not have to be shocking. Perhaps, in order to transform the usual makeup, you just need to add only one "cosmic" accent. What ideas to adopt, you decide!

Cosmic eye makeup

In order to realize the cosmic trend in makeup, it is not necessary to draw constellations on the face. But the use of glitter and shimmer eye shadow will be fully justified. You can experiment by combining matte shadows with their counterparts, which have a metallic effect. The most relevant shades for cosmetic makeup are: silver, gold, blue, emerald, purple, blue and pink. Within this color range, you can make a fancy play.

The most sought-after element of space makeup is arrows. You can not change the usual way. However, the original eyes failed to go unnoticed by others. For the implementation of space shooters it is recommended to use 2 shades of liner. One tone should be bright (purple, blue or emerald), and the other brilliant. For this purpose, perfect silver or glitternaya eyeliner.

Spend a colored eyeliner a thin line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer, not forgetting to bring the tail of the arrow up. Then, on top of the line just drawn, draw the second arrow with a silver or glitter liner. The tail of the arrow can be emphasized both above and below.

If you are ready for a bolder image, arm yourself with a palette with shimmer shadows. You will need the shades of a blue-violet gamut to make Smoky eyes. To extend the resistance of the makeup pre-apply primer. Apply blue shadows to the moving part of the eyelid. The fold of the century is required to emphasize a deep purple tone. Thoroughly blend the shades, thereby creating a soft transition between them. Apply silvery shadows to the inner corners of your eyes to create a glare effect. Lower eyelid gently emphasize the dark purple shade of the shadows that was used previously. In the area under the eyebrow, you can put a little glitter.

Cosmic lip makeup

Those who like to make an accent on lips in make-up can use lipstick with a metallic effect. If you think that a monochromatic coating is too simple, then apply a transparent gloss over the used lipstick. Type on the brush a small amount of shimmer shadows of different shades and emphasize the contour of the lips.
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