Top 10 Christmas Movies

On New Year's holidays it's time to plunge into childhood and the atmosphere of magic. Excellent help in this can give New Year's films with the kindest subjects. View these tapes can be one, two, family and whole companies. In addition, modern cinema offers a huge selection of movies for the New Year.

Christmas trees

Cheerful kinoalmanakh "Firs" does not wash not to amaze. The audience eagerly awaited every film produced by Timur Bekmambetov. Each episode describes holiday events. The whole plot is covered with friendship, love and invincible faith in a miracle. Films "Christmas trees" are ideal for family viewing. After that everyone will surely believe that there will be a New Year's magic! Today, the viewer is presented with six parts of the film. But this may not be the limit.

New Year movie

Very wonderful christmas

On Christmas night, nothing is impossible. Fairy tale and magic peer into everyone and even happen to those who do not believe in miracles. The wonderful "nutcracker" to appear not only in the castle, but also in the house with not dressed up Christmas tree at the real drudogolika Kate. In this Christmas, the girl plunges into work with all her might and tries not to think about breaking up with her beloved. It would seem that it can prevent it. She has a huge order, she knows what she wants and she is not in the mood for foolish “ohs” in honor of the holiday. But the Spirit of Christmas has its plans.

very wonderful christmas

I'll be at Christmas next door

What if your family just loves Christmas? When each family member does not just love the holiday, but begins to prepare for it very much in advance. It is especially difficult when all of the ideas go beyond all limits and seem crazy to you? The antics of loved ones and their unbridled fun, of course, you can put up with and just relive the holidays. But what if a lover comes to you for this Christmas? The main character of the film “I will be at Christmas next door” decides to hide his living family and introduce the boyfriend to professional actors. They must cope with this role and not disgrace her. How will the adventure end and is it worth refusing your relatives on such a bright holiday? Bright and comedic film shows all the value of family and trust.

for Christmas next door

Christmas Chronicles

The plot of the Christmas movie for family viewing develops around a difficult teenager who does not have a single gram of faith in magic. Everything bright and pure in the soul of a guy is deeply hidden and his heart is badly hurt by the recent death of his father. The teenager does not care about his younger sister, but one day he agrees to help her arrange a real hunt for Santa Claus. The chase comes to threaten all of Christmas. However, faith in a miracle will be revived again and will not allow a holiday for children of the entire planet to be thwarted.

Christmas Chronicles

The man who invented Christmas

The film is quite philosophical and makes you think about and reconsider your own life. The plot takes place against the background of the famous story of the writer Charles Dickenson about Scrooge and his three guests. Writer, who decided to now write a Christmas carol. The film tells about the difficulties, family values, children's fears and the Spirit of Christmas. All events develop in times when the holiday was not very popular. But the miracle of Christmas night does its job.

the man who invented Christmas

New Year's Fuss

When can a real commotion come to the house? Of course, when relatives come. However, the real chaos begins when the head of the family does not even know about conflicts and the struggle for inheritance in his own family. How will such a statement of family idyll end? How much they will be able to pretend and how will the general in retirement, after learning about such relationships with their relatives. The film is filled with jokes and a cheerful mood. "New Year's Fuss" amazes real family values and is great for viewing by the whole family.

New Year's Fuss to watch in the New Year

Christmas heritage

The heiress of a huge corporation has absolutely no positive qualities to conduct this business. She is windy and frivolous. With her antics, she easily puts her family’s reputation at risk. And her life consists of sheer fun and pleasure, until her father decides cardinally. Or she remains without inheritance, or fulfills its strict conditions. Do not get it done and how you can quickly grow the desired quality. Especially if outside the window walks around the planet Christmas.

Christmas heritage

Santa Claus: Battle of the Mages

Every New Year, people prepare for the holiday, set the table and have fun with friends. None of them even suspects that every year at this time there is a large-scale battle among the forces of evil and good. No one sees this, but one day the inexplicable happens and the girl Masha becomes a witness to what is happening. How to explain to friends and family that you see flying monsters? What will happen when the real battle of the Mages breaks out in the center of Moscow, the main warrior of which is Santa Claus.

Santa Claus: Battle of the Mages

Tariff New Year

Andrei and his friends have an interesting New Year tradition. He buys a starter pack on his mobile and connects to the "New Year" tariff. After the chiming clock Andrew dials a random number and congratulates the person at the end with the New Year. This holiday on the other end of the phone is answered by girl Alain. In the course of communication, they have real feelings. However, deciding to meet, they reveal a frightening secret. Being in the same city and in the same place, they cannot see each other due to the difference in the temporary space. What will end the story that began with a call to the past.

New Year's film fare


"Krampus" in contrast to the Christmas tales tells of horror stories. Krampus is the companion of Santa, who takes the naughty children in a bag and takes them to the forest. For residents of one village, the story of Krampus will one day become a reality.

Krampus Horror Movie

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