Christmas sweet gifts for children

New Year's holidays can not be imagined without sweet gifts. They are handed over to kids in a kindergarten or school on the Christmas tree, presented at numerous festive performances, brought as a gift by grandmothers and other relatives or friends. Doctors warn that the child should not be allowed to eat sweets in large quantities. This can cause allergies, disrupt appetite, cause metabolic problems, provoke caries, etc. Sweets from New Year's gifts are better eaten gradually, you can ask your child to treat other family members. And, of course, you need to buy quality gifts that contain safe sweets. How to select them, we will tell in this article.

How to choose a good gift in the store

You can buy a ready-made gift or collect it yourself. If you decide to go the easiest way, that is, buy it at the nearest supermarket, when choosing, pay attention to the following details:
  1. Weight. If you choose a gift for a baby who is not yet 4 years old, buy a small box whose weight does not exceed 0.5 kg. Older children (5-6 years old) can hand a box larger, i.e. up to 1 kg. And those gifts that weigh more are not worth taking.
  2. Gathering place. Take the gift, which was collected at the factory, and not in the supermarket. Shops often put stacked candies inside the boxes. You can find out the factory gift on the label, which indicates its mass, the date of packaging and expiration date, the detailed composition of the gift (all types of sweets and their quantity are listed), the name of the packer and his address. On the quality gift is a sign of the EAU, i.e. the Eurasian conformity.
  3. Place of purchase. Do not take sets sold on the street. There is no guarantee that it meets all sanitary standards and will be safe for the child.
  4. The integrity of the packaging and shelf life. Do not buy gifts that have broken packaging. Pay attention to the shelf life, since many kits are made in advance. If this is not written on the packaging, it is a violation.
  5. Toy inside the package. The toy must be hidden in special packaging. It must contain information about the name of the toy, the country where it was made, the age of the child to whom it can be handed. So, if it is not intended for babies up to 3 years old, they should be warned with inscriptions or a special badge.
No less important is the composition of the gift. What kind of sweets and sweets it is worth buying to children, and which ones it is better to give up, let's look at it a little lower.

How to collect a gift

Now many parents, like loving grandmothers, collect the sweet gifts themselves. Buy a beautiful cardboard box - not a problem, especially since it costs a penny. But what to put there, each parent decides for himself. Only he knows what his child loves, what not. It is worth listening to the recommendations of experts who advise buying certain types of sweets for children.

What should be put as a gift:
  1. Candy with waffle filling, such as the Little Red Riding Hood familiar to you since childhood, or Bears in the Forest.
  2. Soufflé, sweets stuffed with fruit or jelly, “Southern Night”, “Apricot”.
  3. Halva sweets such as Hot Summer.
  4. Sweets, the filling of which is dried fruit.
  5. Iris is soft, which is sold in whole tiles, divided into slices. It is soft, does not stick to the teeth.
  6. Marmalade and jelly sweets. They contain a lot of gelatin and pectin, which are useful for the digestive tract. It is better to choose sweets, only gelatin or pectin, with sugar, molasses and agar-agar. If they have a lot of flavors and other additives with code E, they should not be taken.
  7. Marshmallow and marshmallow. For young children, it is better to buy vanilla-like pastila and creamy marshmallows, in which there are no additives or dyes. In addition, they are low-calorie. So, a marshmallow weighing 30 grams is only 150 kilocalories.
  8. Chocolate. A child who is not yet 5 years old is allowed only milk chocolate. There is little cocoa powder in it, and it is a known allergen. Those who are older are allowed to eat some dark chocolate, the most useful, containing a lot of cocoa butter. You can buy white chocolate. Nuts and raisins can be used as additives. Yoghurt fillers, fruit fillings are not recommended, as they contain too much chemistry.
  9. Oatmeal cookies that do not contain preservatives.
  10. Dried fruits, nuts, candies from dried fruits. They have less sugar, fiber, micronutrients, vitamins, i.e., something that is not found in ordinary candy.
  11. Kozinaki. If the child can gnaw them, this treat suits him. It is better to choose those that include molasses.
  12. Several mandarins or orange, other fruits. Children should not eat more than 2 mandarin per day, otherwise allergies can occur. If you overfeed tangerines, allergy will appear even in those children who have not had it before. Babies have a more delicate immune system, so they need to be protected. Apples or pears are safe, do not cause allergies.
What sweets are better to refuse:
  1. Sweets with fondant filling, i.e. “Chamomile”, “Spring”.
  2. Sweets with liqueur, "Gourmet", "Capital" or other alcoholic beverages.
  3. Butters are semi-solid or stingy, i.e. “Golden Key”, “Tuzik”. They stick to the teeth, which can cause tooth decay.
  4. Caramel and lollipops. Children bite their teeth, spoil their enamel. In their composition a lot of dyes.
  5. Do not buy sweets that contain benzoic acid, sodium pyrosulfite, sorbic acid, E102, E104, E110, E122, E129, E124. Sodium pyrosulphite affects the metabolism and digestion of the child, so it is not used in baby food.
  6. Cookies, which include margarines, confectionery and cooking oils, cottonseed oil, palm oil. They may contain hydrogenated fats that are harmful to health.
  7. Do not take sweets or other sweets with peanuts or apricot kernels, since they may cause allergies in a child.
  8. You can not give the child anything that contains natural coffee. It has a destructive effect on the nervous system of the child.
  9. Jelly, marmalade or marshmallows in chocolate.
Children are looking forward to sweet gifts. You should not disappoint them. However, it is important to limit the amount of sweets. Toys, books, some bright New Year's souvenirs will also help to cheer up. The main thing in the New Year is not food and sweets, but a feeling of joy, celebration. Do not forget about this, collecting gifts for kids.
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