Types of female friendship: who are we to each other?

How to find a guy is more or less clear. In addition, it can be found anywhere, under any circumstances, and a friend ... And try to find a good friend!

Usually they walk with us from childhood or from early youth. You met when you were simple and funny, and something attracted you to her. And then - somehow got used, got used, got to know each other better - and without this person you can no longer imagine yourself.

You are adults with problems, neuroses, unpaid bills, men who remained in the past (whom they never got married, although they were going to), women who betrayed or simply opened from the other side and you can no longer consider them to be friends. . .

The whole load of yours, even though few, but full of years - his close friends are pulling him along with you all

Even with half of the shoulder, even with a little finger, but they still help to carry, and it is already easier for you - by tons. Just sitting across from each other, remembering what idiot were at 15, how not much better - at 17.. .

Close friends are those who endure everything: your theories of the world order and strange jokes, laughter to colic or tears to stutter. This treasure is worse than any treasure.

That is why it’s so crazy for me to listen to stories like "I thought she was her friend, and she stole the guy" or "she set me up for work" or something like that. Who pulled you out of your eternal dramas? Who listened, wiped snot and repeated the same thing a hundred times to reassure a little? My head does not fit it. How much is the pate in the beliefs of such a person? Soothes one thing - all of them, sooner or later, will recoil.

Karma - she's female too

And this lady is very strict and principled. You can not agree with her, you will not go too far, softening the sentence.

My friend's boyfriend for me instantly turns into a sexless creature and is evaluated only from the point of view of "is she good with him?" Job. . . What is the difference, what is your position there and how much is your salary, if all the same you have no one to discuss it with? In the age of materialism, putting human relationships at the center is terribly non-progressive. . . But I am.

Girlfriends are a family that we choose.

Do betray the family?

In childhood I was not friends with girls. Their games seemed boring to me, they themselves - stupid. The active nature of the boys, their desire to explore something, to get into a forbidden place - it all attracted so much! So beautiful and intriguing. What should I do with these doll lovers? By the way, and now to be friends with "true girls" does not come out - in the characters of my friends there is always something masculine. Watching the girls, I noticed: there are several types of female friendship. For example. . . .


Everything is clear here - you are soul mates and always together. At the same time, no one in this friendship leads, then you give advice, it is for you - and you are an iron authority for each other. The main condition is that you are on an equal footing, always and in everything, and you work clearly and harmoniously, like a good team. And you can come off, your parents will not forbid it.

Mother and daughter

Also understandable, yes? One - always on top, she can teach, instruct, give advice. The other one accepts them and got used to any thoughts of pouring "non-stop" to a friend, like a loving mom. Knowing that they will listen to her here, if they don’t understand, then at least they will, and if they even argue, they will not cease to love anyway. This friendship is very pleasant and cozy, but there are several "pitfalls". The first is that sooner or later, the one who plays the role of a caring parent can get bored and become boring. And the one who in the role of "daughter", having got used to rely on another, can never be formed as a person. But usually such a friendship is harmonious and mutual.

Prosecutor and Lawyer

Such a friendship is not like the previous warm, almost family relationships. Usually, girls are more friendly and more materialistic. She considers any life situation from two sides. A friend can act as a lawyer to you, arguing that in this situation you are right and you do not need to reproach yourself, or vice versa - to say that you were wrong, and bring proof. Everything is in court! This friendship is beautiful because they always tell you the truth. Even if she does not like it - and they can set her brain. It's priceless!

Fellow travelers

There is such a curious effect in psychology - the “traveling companion effect”. It is based on the fact that people on trains are able to open up to a stranger and a stranger much more than the closest ones. Just because you do not need to meet his expectations, to think, as if not to upset his revelations. . . The type of friendship "fellow travelers" associated with this effect is very simple. These are two girls who can not see each other and don’t even speak for a year, at least five - but when they meet, they’re, in fact, a stranger, to open their heart again. The strength of this friendship is that it is not afraid of breaks or distances. You just know what each other has.

Muse and Creator

Not only in a love relationship someone can idolize someone. A similar story is possible in friendship. One of the girls is more successful and beautiful, and the other is delighted with her. If this is not the story of a “scary girlfriend” when the first one asserts itself in such a way, that’s fine. After all, the one who is idolized is fed by energy and striving to become even better, and the second one gets a source of inspiration.

Any friendship is a blessing if it is based on patience, mutual understanding and sincerity. Take care of each other!
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