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It is quite difficult to follow strict dietary restrictions. However, the inability to follow a diet does not mean that you can not lose weight using a different method. Armed with intuitive power, you do not have to give up your favorite dishes. However, the indicators on the scales will begin to decrease only if regularly follow a number of rules.

Intuitive nutrition: the history of

Ideas about intuitive nutrition appeared in the 70s of the last century. After a series of studies and publications, it became obvious that the approach to nutrition, which allows you to avoid overeating, gives good results. In the mid-90s, nutritionists Evelyn Triboli and Eliza Resch systematized the accumulated knowledge about this method of losing weight. The result of their collaboration was the release of a book called "Intuitive Power", which instantly became a bestseller.

And in 2005, after numerous attempts to lose weight with the help of diets, American professor Steven Hawkes decided to try out this diet on himself. He managed not only to part with 22 kilograms, but also to save this result in the future.

The essence of the method

The concept of intuitive nutrition is not based on counting calories. From a person is required to show attention to the emerging feeling of hunger and the moment of saturation. At first glance, such a task may seem rather easy. However, overweight is often a consequence of human eating habits. To start losing weight, you have to fully focus on the feelings that your food causes. There are several principles of intuitive power that are required to perform. About each of them is worth talking in detail.

Stop thinking about diets

Constant monitoring of nutrition does not contribute to finding inner harmony with your body. You just can not focus on the desires of your own body, until you stop counting calories and monitor the size of portions. Refusal from diets implies a rejection of strict diet. If earlier you always had dinner at noon, then now the signal that it’s time to visit the kitchen will not be hours, but your own feeling of hunger.

Learn to distinguish between physiological and emotional hunger.

It is important not to confuse the physiological hunger with its emotional counterpart - this is the basis of intuitive power. Physiological hunger, depending on the activity of a person, occurs approximately 3-5 hours after a meal. Emotional hunger is sudden. This state covers, regardless of the degree of saturation of the organism.

Often, a person tries to cope with disappointment, anger, anxiety, confusion and other feelings through food. Whatever the source of negative thoughts in your case, food cannot cope with it. In fact, in the long run you add another problem to the existing problem - overweight.

Learn to recognize the moment of saturation.

Each time correctly determining the moment of saturation, you can avoid overeating. Before you open the refrigerator, ask yourself: are you really experiencing physiological hunger? If the answer is yes, then think about what you would like to eat. Even experiencing severe hunger, you should not put more than usual in your plate.

In the process of eating, try to assess whether the dish has met your expectations. Do you like it or do you force yourself to eat it? Does it really satisfy hunger? Saturation does not come immediately. Try to determine its degree, but do not wait for it to become one hundred percent.

Start enjoying food

In accordance with the principles of intuitive food products are not divided into harmful and useful. As long as you see food as a threat to your own figure, you will not be able to fully enjoy its absorption. During the meal, do not be distracted by watching TV and talking on the phone.

If a pleasant atmosphere is important for you, create it for yourself! Beautiful table setting and original serving dishes will help to feel the moment. The body is saturated faster when a person eats consciously and enjoys every bite.

Start respecting your body

Intuitive nutrition helps to lose weight, as it neutralizes several psychological barriers associated with food. It allows you to take a fresh look at the process of eating. However, do not forget about your personality. A negative attitude towards one’s own figure is often based on the fact that it does not conform to generally accepted standards of beauty.

But whatever the numbers on the scales, you need to respect your genetics. The presence of excess weight should be considered as an opportunity for gradual self-improvement. By learning how to avoid overeating and recognize true hunger, you can bring a figure into shape without stress for your own body.
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