Stone therapy: hot stones and their healing power

Stone therapy is a special massage technique that is performed intensively with warm and cold stones. This method of treatment and relaxation refers to alternative therapy. It is extremely popular and in demand in cosmetology, as well as massage rooms. Stone therapy helps to relax and restore energy fields to a person. In addition, it has a real physical effect on the body and treats some diseases.

Features of stone therapy: what is it?

Stone therapy is carried out by a masseur using stones of different temperatures. For the procedure, smooth basalt or marble rocks are selected. Why such stones? Everything is very simple. Marble can cool and stay cool on the patient's hot body for a long time. Basalt, having a volcanic origin, can remain intensely warm for a long time. In the traditions of the east, for a massage using stones jade. It is a hard rock that has a greenish, muddy color and is beneficial to humans. When it is heated, it produces vapors that are absorbed into the skin and penetrate the respiratory tract.

To make the effect of scrubbing use stones with a slight roughness. To avoid friction during massage stones add oil. It enhances the beneficial effects and helps to relax. The smell of oils also act as a curative and positive on the patient's mood.

The atmosphere in the massage room is of particular importance. The room should be filled with a pleasant aroma and a warm soft light. The procedure should be not only useful, but also pleasant.

The benefits of stone therapy

Stone therapy allows you to relax and feel the relaxation. This is one of the main advantages that attracts customers in this procedure. In addition, stone massage improves the basic processes in the body and helps speed up metabolism. Thermal therapy improves skin condition and helps combat excess weight.

Stone therapy is able to get rid of salts in the spinal regions and pain in the spine. Stone massage is also recommended for patients who:
  • Stone therapy prevents inflammation, helps with rheumatism and arthritis;
  • Impact on biologically active points helps to strengthen the immune system and helps reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases;
  • The course of massage with stones helps to establish the psycho-emotional background of the woman and is recommended for psychological stress and stress;
  • The thermal effect helps to get rid of cellulite and makes the skin more toned. Massage with stones breaks up fat deposits and struggles with overweight in patients;
  • Contrast massage accelerates blood circulation and this has a beneficial effect on the entire body and the skin in particular. Stone massage is used for this purpose not only on the skin of the body, but also on the face;
  • Aromatherapy and relaxation with a stone massage helps to get rid of depression, headaches and insomnia;
To enhance the effect of the procedure, you can use different oils. For example, citrus fruits treat cellulite and accelerate fat deposits. Candles and sticks in the room have an additional psychological effect on the patient.

Contraindication to stone therapy

Any procedure involves some contraindications. The benefits of stone procedures are undoubtedly great, but before using the service, you need to consult your doctor.

It should be noted that stone massage has fewer contraindications than any other type of massage. However, it is not necessary to go to this procedure if:
  • On the body there are rashes of any nature or inflammation of another type;
  • The patient is in the position of pregnancy;
  • Some diseases and lesions of the spine
  • There are neoplastic tumors;
  • There are purulent processes in the body;
  • The presence of diabetes in history;
  • Neurological diseases in the body associated with the violation of thermal perception;
For all the usefulness of the procedure, stone therapy cannot be the only treatment for the disease. You can not hope for alternative medicine, even so effective. In case of ailments, the first thing to do is to consult a doctor.

In the absence of complaints and the desire to just feel relaxed, you can safely contact the massage room and choose the most suitable course.
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