How to remove stains from deodorant from clothes

The problem is familiar to all first-hand. And if the light spots can simply be washed, the stale stains from the deodorant are not subject to the usual washing powders. Let's try to go the other way.

The first thing to remember is to take care of deodorant from the very beginning.

Choose deodorants with the inscription: "protection from white spots." They are available in all available forms - dry, roller and aerosols.

Second - you need to use the deodorant correctly. The skin should be dry and clean. Spray aerosol deodorant should be at a distance of 20 cm, otherwise it lies down a thick layer. After applying, you must wait 10 minutes, before putting on your favorite clothes.

Fresh stains

Was it that when you wear a brand new dark thing, do you find out with scorn the traces of a freshly deodorized deodorant? Do not panic! We take out a clean capron sock, twist a pomponch from it, and ... Oh, a miracle! The spots disappear instantaneously. Titanic efforts are not needed.

But here it comes to the first wash, the stains from deodorant are not so fresh to succumb to stockings. Calm down, until all is not so scary. Treat the damaged areas with lemon juice and leave for a few minutes, then just wash the thing in warm water. The same effect gives vodka and ammonia. The result can be seen almost instantly.

Spilled stains

All of the above ceased to help, so it's time to connect more serious artillery. Wipe the damaged places with vinegar and leave a bag for the night. In the morning, wash normally. Important! You can not use vinegar to wash white things - there is a high probability that they will turn yellow.

This method has a serious drawback - the smell of vinegar is very difficult to eliminate. It is recommended to thoroughly rinse the garment before washing, then wash it in normal mode and finally use the conditioner for laundry.

It helps to cope with the stained spots from the deodorant salt scrub. Salt should be applied to the wetted areas and left overnight, as in the previous case. In the morning, you need to rub the spots lightly with salt and rinse.

Very efficiently combats stains from deodorant dishwashing detergent. First, wash the problem areas with such a remedy and leave for half an hour. By the way, this method is very effective when fighting fat spots. After the treatment, the usual washing is carried out.

Persistent old stains

Do not rush to throw out a thing that, at first glance, is no longer subject to salvation. There are chances and they need to be used.

Prepare the mixture in the following proportions: soda - 1 part, hydrogen peroxide - 2 parts and detergent - 1 part. Apply the prepared mixture to the problem areas and go to rest. Within a couple of hours, the magic potion will do its job. Remains only as it is necessary to rinse your favorite thing and rejoice at the result.

To remove stains on white clothing, it will be advisable to use various bleaching agents, both with chlorine and without it. When washing dark and colored things, stain remover can be effective.

All described methods are tested by many owners and are really effective. And how do you cope with this delicate problem?
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