Cleaning before the New Year

Before the New Year, it is customary to get rid of old things. This tradition is still observed in Italy. Italians are sure that negative energy accumulates in old things, which will scare away happiness in the new year. Previously, unnecessary rubbish was disposed of in an original way: it was thrown into open windows. Since it is not safe, old chairs or appliances may fall on the heads of passersby, the government has banned this custom. Now, law-abiding Italians are putting old things in the trash, making room for new and positive things.

Psychologists claim that such a tradition really helps to feel happier. The apartment is a reflection of the inner world of man. If we keep a lot of rubbish in it, it means that we still can not cope with long-standing problems, we suffer from the past. Every thing is a memory, and not always a positive one. Therefore, you must regularly get rid of trash. So we clear our subconscious, remove all negative and prepare a place for new accomplishments, joyful and positive changes.

We do general cleaning

All things are laid out in their places. So that they do not roll, buy in the store boxes or containers where you can put different things. Some of the toys can be hidden in the closet for a while. In half a year, when you get them, the child will be delighted with these toys as new. You can make a rearrangement in the house. Moving the furniture in the room, create the feeling that you have moved to another house. Doing the cleaning, pay attention to the following points:
  1. Get rid of all broken things, throw away shoes and clothes that you have not worn the last year or two.
  2. Do not store household appliances, if you do not use it. You can sell it for small amounts on the ads or exchange in the store for shares.
  3. Bring all cracked dishes, old and broken toys.
  4. Inspect all kitchen cabinets. There may be old cereals or overdue condiments that need to be thrown away.
  5. Look in the home first-aid kit, look at the expiration date of drugs. Those that are overdue must be disposed of.
  6. Perform an audit of cosmetics. Old cream, dried mascara, varnishes, etc., should be discarded.
  7. Turn on the computer and remove unnecessary files and documents from the desktop.
  8. Clean out pockets and wallet. Ticket, checks, candy wrappers should go in the trash.

Negative Objects

There are things that attract us to trouble, misfortune and lack of money. Even if you do not believe in omens, you should get rid of them, because the trash litters the house, and objects that cause us only negative feelings can easily spoil the mood. What it is worth getting rid of, thus attracting wealth and happiness:
  1. Any old stuff. Clothes that you do not already wear, or a pile of newspapers, magazines, should not litter the house. If you do not want to throw away good things, give them to poor families or take them to the temple. Old newspapers and magazines can be handed over to special points, where you will be paid a little for them. If you have not used something for more than 3 years, you also need to get rid of this thing, even if it is new. It accumulates energy stagnation.
  2. Items left without a pair. Everyone on the balcony there are old skis or slippers. You should not store them, especially if this thing does not have a pair. Throw them away without regret, to make room for new, necessary purchases.
  3. Cracked mirrors, dishes, glass on the window. It is better to throw away all the old dishes and spoiled mirrors, and to change the glass in the window. Cracks in them are a gap in your energy protection.
  4. Non-working hours. It is believed that a broken clock is a bad sign. If they are expensive, vintage, it is worth repairing them. Cheap consumer goods can be thrown away. In a pinch, use them somehow differently, for example, as a frame for a photo.
  5. Dried flowers. If you have died indoor plants, do not store them on the windowsill. It is better to get rid of them, and plant new plants in the pots, more unpretentious. Do not keep the house and dry flowers.
  6. Photos and pictures that you do not like. Do not keep photos of people in your house whom you do not like. Looking at them, you will experience negative feelings. This can harm health, disrupt harmony in your family. Remove and pictures that bring disturbing thoughts. Replace them with others that you associate with joy and positive.
  7. Faded broom. If the broom has peeled off, immediately throw it away, the new one is not that expensive. It is believed that the old, bald broom attracts financial problems to the house.

Things that Feng Shui cannot give to others

Now, not everyone can afford to buy new things. Due to numerous loans, health problems and other reasons, many will be happy to receive as a gift what you no longer need. It is good to help others, especially without giving up anything to myself without refusing. But experts on feng shui believe that it is better not to part with some things. They were saturated with the energy of their owner, and it is better to throw them away immediately. These things include:
  • what touched the hair and head: hats, caps, hairpins, hairbrushes;
  • underwear: T-shirts, T-shirts, etc.
  • bed linen, which you used, and a mattress;
  • shoes, any;
  • mirror, both pocket and interior;
  • bags and wallets are symbols of your prosperity, which, if they fall into the wrong hands, can block your cash flow.
Other clothes can be given without any consequences. The same applies to items from the list that you did not use, that is, new bedding, shoes, pins, etc. If you are still afraid to transfer your personal belongings, wash it with water and salt (2-3 tbsp. l.). Salt cleans from any energy.

You can believe in omens, feng shui or not, but in any case, cleaning the house does not hurt. This will confirm you not only esoteric, but also psychologists. Of course, sometimes it's a pity to part with things, especially if memories are associated with them, but life does not stand still. And, whether we like it or not, the past always remains in the past, and you should not look at it when there is a long, happy life ahead.
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