Edible gifts for the New Year and Christmas

New Year and Christmas are the most family holidays that magically act on people. They awaken in our hearts the kindest, lightest feelings that allow you to make pleasant to your relatives, friends, colleagues, thereby letting them know that you love them, appreciate them, and always remember them.

Proceeding from the aforesaid, our presents for them should be with all my heart and with love. And how do you feel about edible gifts for New Year and Christmas for children and adults?

Edible gifts are an exclusive miracle for both children and adults, but in order to avoid triviality, it is necessary to cook them with your own hands, and to give them in a chic package with the appropriate New Year theme.

Here is an uncomplicated list-guide of ideas that you can give to the New Year and Christmas home:
  • A thematic New Year's shortbread cookie, covered with multicolored glaze, in the form of Santa Claus, snowflake, asterisks, fir-trees, a snowman. You can be confused and make for each cookie an individual prediction for the coming year.
  • Homemade sweets in different variations: truffles, you need to remember that until the moment of giving this home sweetness should stay in the fridge;

    dried fruits in chocolate-prunes, dried apricots, raisins, dried cherries, dates, figs in different types of chocolate (dark, bitter, white, dairy), which will give this present a special chic;

    natural coconut candies "Snezhki" - a gentle, airy delicacy from coconut and condensed milk with a crispy filling;

    we will gladden those who keep fasting and prepare "Grilyazh" with walnuts and dark or bitter chocolate;

    In order not to disappoint the presentation, we put each candy in a paper confectioner's basket for the capkake and put it carefully in a festive tin or cardboard box-box (with a winter landscape or a New Year pattern), which is now plentiful in any supermarket.
  • A fragrant tangerine jam-a luxurious delicacy of amber color, framed by a glass jar-barrel with a brave lock, New Year's ornaments and a small cute greeting card;
  • Festive muffin: Christmas cake, shtollen - a dream of any sweet tooth with dried fruits, nuts and candied fruits, pannetone - only with raisins. The peculiarity of this batch - it must be cooked 3-4 weeks before the holidays, because all this time it stands under the food film in the refrigerator and becomes divinely delicious;
  • Fragrant teaUniversal gift o - tea mixture with different flavors. Such delicious mixes, composed with their own hand from black or green tea, herbs, spices, dried fruits and dried berry fruits. Holiday packages (boxes, jars, sachets and bags) with aromatic compounds are accompanied by mini-notes with the name and original composition of tea;
  • Painted gingerbread decorated with glaze patterns. Individual design is the name of the person to whom the carrot is intended or a personal wish for him.
  • The gingerbread house is the crown of culinary skill, creative imagination and creative thinking, the New Year's dream of all children and their parents (it's hard to say for sure who dreams about it more). If you have a serious question about what to give a child for the New Year, this is the ideal choice. It is not necessary to sculpt the castle as on "Rublyovka", - let it be a modest fairy-tale hut or even a tiny booth, but the effect will surpass all your expectations. It would be nice to conduct electricity in the building - put a small garland or use a candle-tablet. Turn off the light, and the house will come to life. This gift will serve as a magical and stylish decoration of the New Year's table for many years (of course, if the flavor of gingerbread dough does not make him amicably eat).
Let the new year 2018 become for you and your family a year of strengthening the family and family values. May the coming year bring you all confidence in the future and that your loved ones are always there. Carefully appreciate what you already have.
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