How to choose a company for customs clearance

Customs clearance of products implies the fulfillment of special requirements for the production and transportation of various commercial vehicles. Often, companies resort to the services of specialists for the transport and declaration of goods.

What is a customs broker

The customs broker is a special company that handles all documents and selects the most optimal option for calculating duties for customs services, selects the specifics of goods declaration, etc. The professional approach guarantees substantial savings and quick control of your cargo.

How to find out the legality of the license

Pay attention to the address specified in the license, and the office address. All branches of the broker company must be listed on the certificate of registration in the official register.

If a company provides different types of services under different names, most likely it does not have a corresponding license. All these data are freely available and posted on the official website, because before you fill out customs documents, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the company.

What to fear

According to the current legal framework, only a licensed company can provide specialized services. This company must be listed in a special register and meet certain requirements, as well as pay a special tax. It is worth remembering that the "gray" companies may conduct illegal transactions and not be responsible for your cargo under the contract due to lack of authority

The customs code of Russia provides for the joint responsibility of the broker and the importing company: in case of not paying the broker all taxes, you will have to pay the shortage for customs. And since the customs inspection can be carried out within three years after the import of the goods, it is better to clarify in advance the legitimacy of the license holder’s business.
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