How to survive the holidays or effective ways to deal with a hangover

Holidays - a temporary matter, and health requires constant care. What to do when you had a good rest yesterday in a noisy company, and in the morning you have to get up early for work?

So it is necessary to understand the popular ways to deal with a hangover - which of them are effective and which are not very. And a bonus - more ideas for a quick and painless awakening.


To begin, let's talk more about the most common myths.

Drink alcohol fruit fresh juice

In fact, the juice is better to cheer yourself up in the morning, and not to dilute alcohol in the evening. During a hangover, the main problem is the violation of acid-base and electrolyte balance, with fresh juice to cope with all this quickly enough. Fructose has a positive effect on metabolism and adds strength.

Do not drink plenty of water in the morning, otherwise you will get drunk again

It is better not to drink a lot of alcohol in the evening and in the morning. In addition, the hangover is accompanied by dehydration of the body, therefore it is better to drink more fluid, namely water (tea or coffee, by the way, will lead to more dehydration). But alkaline mineral water will help with heartburn.

Medicines save

Popular hangover cures only help eliminate some of the symptoms and are short-lived. Most of these products are aspirin and ascorbic with tonic supplements - for example, caffeine. Aspirin can lead to heartburn, and caffeine will increase the load on the cardiovascular system.

Strong coffee

They say that strong coffee helps to sober up faster. This is not true - you are sober as alcohol is absorbed by your body, and you can’t accelerate this process with coffee. In addition, coffee will give you a new portion of energy, which in combination with alcohol can lead to sad consequences, as it increases the load on the cardiovascular system.

Take a steam bath

It is also an ambiguous method - with sweat, toxic substances are removed from the body more quickly, but at the same time, due to the high temperature, the heart works with double load.

What to do?

We discussed what not to do - now let's talk about what really works.


Definitely a good way to make your body work in the morning. Dairy products have a positive effect on the intestinal microflora, improve the digestive process.


Another good way to quickly bring yourself to life is a shower - contrasting procedures stimulate blood circulation and promote the rapid elimination of toxins from the body.

Using the above methods wisely, you can easily get up at work in the morning and quickly cope with any headache. But any disease is better to prevent than to cure, because here are some tips for a good evening:
  • Eat during the holiday, better high-calorie dishes. On an empty stomach, alcohol is absorbed many times faster.
  • Do not go over with alcohol - if you use no more than 1 g of ethyl alcohol per 1 kg of your weight, you can easily avoid a hangover. For example, if you weigh 80kg, 100ml of ethyl alcohol (90%) or 250ml of vodka will be safe.
  • Do not drink alcohol with carbonated drinks - they accelerate the absorption and you will quickly find yourself under the influence of alcohol.
  • There is one more rule - dark colored drinks provide a hangover that is heavier than light ones. Therefore, if you plan a long feast, and you get up at work in the morning, replace red wine with white wine, and brandy with gin or vodka.
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