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To exercise sports brought joy, you need to choose the correct form. And today we will talk about how to choose the right sports top.

First we need to determine the length. The shortened top, although it looks sporty, but for objective reasons does not suit everyone. Not everyone can boast of an ideal press, a flat tummy and the lack of complexes. The shortened top fits young young sports ladies with a good figure. All the rest of the navel should be kept covered. The sports top of standard length, up to the femur, is suitable for almost everyone. The option for an amateur is an elongated sports top. A long top tunic is usually preferred by lovers of losin and leggings.

An excellent solution for active training is the top with "support." This model of top is worn without a brassiere. Inside, there is a short mesh bodice, tightly fitting to the body and supporting the breast. With such a top you will soon forget as a terrible dream the recent torment with a bra that hampered the movements, rubbed and squeezed in the most inappropriate places.

Pay special attention to the tops of modern breathing, although synthetic textures. They allow the skin to breathe and at the same time draw moisture away from the body.

Modern designers are very creative in creating sports tops. An unusual design of straps, mesh inserts and, on the contrary, additional holes and slots, bright colors and their combinations. It is better to buy a sports top at the same time with those trousers, elk or breeches, in which you plan to go to classes. A complete set looks much better than a pair of disparate and completely non-harmonizing elements.
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