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Man has always strived for the stars, at least in his dreams. They attracted him with their beauty and mystery. And what is there - at a distance of thousands, millions of light years? This topic inspired filmmakers to make films that became iconic and forever captured the hearts of viewers.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

When will man start his way to the stars?

At first it seems like a naive comedy. And then you realize that it is so. However, this does not prevent under the mask of naivety to hide wise truths that people do not think about in everyday life.

The film begins with the end of the world. Aliens arrive and destroy our home planet together with all its inhabitants. One Earthman Arthur Dent is saved by a miracle. Before a catastrophe, he is taken along by a friend to someone else’s spacecraft, who happens to be from the Betelgeuse environs about a happy accident.

Comrades begin their journey open spaces of the universe. At the same time in all they are guided by the "Guide for hitchhikers around the galaxy." And according to this book, the main thing in the journey? Right, towel.

The film is funny, funny, makes you laugh at yourself and review your system of values. There is love, adventure, travel and true friendship.


Wormhole through space

The plot of the film sends viewers to a possible near future. The earth (both the planet and the soil) has exhausted its resources. Constant dust storms lead to the development of many diseases of the respiratory system. Increased infant mortality.

All this is forcing a group of scientists from NASA to think about "moving" humanity to another edge of the universe. So that already there people could not only survive, but also live.

In such a difficult situation, the expedition is preparing for a black hole. Here are the planets, where conditions can be as close to earthly ones as possible.

Stunning beauty of space photography, complemented by the amazing music of Hans Zimmer. The difficult choice between the salvation of all mankind and the opportunity to be with family and loved ones. The concept of time is another dimension, is it material?

The film is ambiguous and very interesting. Look, you will not regret!
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