How to reduce cellulite with massage?

Every girl would like to have a slim attractive figure. But what to do if on the way to the target gets ill-fated cellulite? Orange peel does not look very good, and it can be seen through any clothes, not to mention the beaches. And most importantly - no one is insured, this attack can appear at any age, even in very young girls.

What to do?

Save yourself by all means. But it is better to enjoy such pleasant, as, for example, massage. Already tested in practice, that to reduce cellulite, as well as to prevent its appearance you will massage your hips, which can be done at home.

How to massage?

It is necessary to conduct several massage courses containing about 15 sessions in each (perform every other day!), With breaks between courses of 3-4 days. The best time for such a massage is in the morning before breakfast (physical activity during the day will increase the effect).

First you need to warm up the skin. You can do this by rubbing with a hot towel or just with your hands. Use anti-cellulite cream for massage, preheating them and adding a few drops of lemon or orange oil. Press only clockwise.

Let the effect not appear immediately, but it will last for a long time and you will delight those around you with your appearance.
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