Secrets of the perfect form of Kristi Tarlington

Kristi Turlington is an American supermodel for over 20 years and has collaborated with the most famous brands in the world. Recently, the model turned 49 years old, and her skin is smooth and without a single wrinkle and the body looks fit! What is the secret of its natural beauty? She herself calls three main components of her success formula: diet, sport, lifestyle.


While still a student, the girl became interested in Eastern religions, after studying which became a vegetarian. However, it is not necessary to become a vegetarian in order to keep the shape in good shape. Enough to adhere to proper diet, which excludes from the diet junk food (fatty, spicy, salty). Belle says healthy food tastes better than unhealthy.

It has long been proven that fast food has a negative effect on the work of the whole organism, so everyone who wants to stay beautiful all their life should learn how to eat right. It is also necessary to remember about important vitamin supplements that we cannot fully get from food.


For the first time, Christie became interested in yoga at the age of 18 and since then has achieved tremendous success in this area. It is constantly developing and conquering new heights. "Yoga is a way of life, because health and well-being are necessary for a person in any situation, every day," the model says. She believes that yoga is a universal way to lose weight for those who do not like the gym.

The model itself is engaged in tribeck yoga, is the editor of Yoga magazine, and also wrote the book “Living with Yoga. Creating life experience. Christie argues that the complex of classical exercises can harmoniously develop a sense of balance, flexibility and strength, and also believes that training should not be exhausting and hard, they should be held with ease and a smile.


In the past, a heavy smoker, and now the head of a campaign against smoking, the beautiful Christie proves by her own example that maintaining youth is possible by maintaining not only external beauty, but also internal health.

In addition, Christie believes that plastic surgery is impossible to return youth and adheres to the natural care of yourself and your skin. Once inspired by Ayurveda, she created her own line of natural cosmetics. She also says that long-term sleep and positive thinking are important for restoring strength and beauty.
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