New Year 2019: Signs and Traditions

In the New Year, even the most avid skeptic believes in mysticism and a real miracle. Since childhood, this time is the most valuable and it seems that real magic is about to happen. Why not believe in signs and traditions for the New Year 2019? You can not take them seriously, but just have fun. In addition, many of them are truly family and kind.

How to attract luck in the New 2019?

This year, the Yellow Earth Pig takes over the astrological sky. This animal is very kind and not capable of treating anyone cruelly. However, so that she favors luck, you need to meet her with all the honors. So, as they welcome the long-awaited and beloved guest. On the night of the New Year 2019, you should consider the following rules for good luck:
  • New Year should be entered clean and unburdened. Therefore, in December you need to throw away all unnecessary things from home, return all debts and deal with your own thoughts. It is important to resolve all issues strictly until December 31st. After sunset you should never take out the garbage, spend money or solve negative issues;
  • On New Year's Eve, you need to put in your pocket a large bill of money. It will bring good luck and flatter the Yellow Earthen family;
  • The clothes at the New Year celebration should include yellow or brown colors for good luck next year;
  • You can not lend to the New Year. In addition, existing debts are also better to collect. Of course, if it does not quarrel with your friends. Entering the Year of the Pig is not worth quarreling;
  • Celebrate the New Year's party only in the family circle. Alienation from the family Pig will not forgive;
  • Table legs in the New Year's dinner need to be tied up with threads. This will not only bring good luck, but also strengthen family ties;
  • Be sure to start the fireworks! It is believed that noise and light scares off evil spirits and attracts happiness to the house;
  • After the chiming clock, be sure to open the window in the house. In this way you will bring good luck and happiness into it;
  • Before the New Year's dinner, knocking with a spoon on the table is very promising;
  • Throw off the burden of sadness and problems with a simple ritual. Wear a scarf, scarf or tippet in the chiming clock. For the last beat of the clock, you just need to throw it off your shoulders.
In modern families, it is the task of filling the refrigerator in advance, and then guarding it from the household, preserving goodies to the New Year's table. This is extremely wrong. Dinner should be delicious, hearty and rich throughout the week before the New Year. Follow this diet need at least three days. Otherwise, the whole year you can not afford to eat what you want.

Signs on the first day of 2019 (January 1)

Signs are signs that our ancestors noticed from generation to generation. Many people do not believe in them, but this does not make the likelihood of their execution less likely. The main signs for this new year are noticed on January 1. Here are a few of them:
  • if groats are scattered in the house or something is spilled, then the whole year will have to be taken care of;
  • By the sign one can understand in which area of ​​life the betrothed is. To do this, you just need to notice from which side the first guest will appear on January 1. If it is a call from work, then from work. If the first person meets on the streets, then you will meet the narrowed one on the street;
  • if a man makes the first purchase in a store, then a business will develop in this store in a year. Well, if you make a person a discount. This will attract good luck in trading;
  • January 1, a bad omen throw candles or remnants of the holiday table;
  • January 1, you need to buy milk and leave it in the refrigerator open. If it does not turn sour in a week, then in the house be a wedding this year;
  • Remember which first animal you will meet on January 1 first. The dog promises a good friend, the cat intrigues in love, the bird prosper and good news;
  • Another sign says that to whom from the family members the cat will come on January 1, he will be lucky.
Another sign to predict the future are dreams. It is believed that the dream on the last and first night of the year predicts 100% true events.
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