How to lose weight after giving birth: the experience of European stars

Lose weight after childbirth and return a beautiful figure - the dream of many young mothers. The experience of the stars of European cinema and television will help you to do what you want.

Milla Jovovich

The inimitable Hollywood star recovered during pregnancy by 30 kg. During this period, she allowed herself to feast on pastries, fatty cream and sweet jelly. After the birth of her daughter, Milla decided to approach the matter seriously: she used the services of a dietitian and personal sports coach.

The recipe for losing weight after giving birth to Milla Jovovich:
  1. Nutrition regime - included breakfast, lunch dinner and 2 snacks.
  2. Regular aerobic exercise - walking with a child in the fresh air.
  3. Classes in the gym.
The actress brought herself in shape for 5 months.

Kate Winslet

The star of British cinema always looked charming, but after 3 births her figure has changed markedly. On the advice of experts, she was not in a hurry to part with extra pounds, until the baby was 6 months old. After that, the actress turned to the naturopath for help.

How thin Kate Winslet was:
  1. Strict diet - the first two weeks she ate raw fruit, drank water and herbal tea. Gradually, her diet included low-fat protein products.
  2. Pilates classes - helped Kate strengthen the abdominal muscles, waist and hips.
Return the ideal proportion of the star was able to 2 years later.

Victoria Beckham

In 2011, the world-famous pop diva became a mother for the fourth time. And even after this significant event, her slender figure practically did not change.

What is the secret of Victoria Beckham:
  1. Power system "Five handfuls" - during the day the star ate only 5 small portions. At the same time in its menu there were no fast carbohydrates, and the emphasis was on fresh vegetables and seafood.
  2. Pilates - Mrs. Beckham chose a sparing load, since after a cesarean section she could not engage in active sports for a long time.
Victoria lost 2 months to 8 kg.

Jennifer Lopez

Incendiary singer and mother of charming twins gained about 20 kg during pregnancy. The star resolutely approached the solution of this problem.

The secret of losing weight Jennifer Lopez:
  1. Counting calories - the day the star consumed no more than 1400 calories. From its menu, carbonated drinks, sweets, sugar and salt were excluded.
  2. Strength and dancing - Jennifer attended the hall at least 4 times a week.
After 6 months the singer achieved the desired result.

If you had a successful experience of losing weight after giving birth, tell about it in the comments!
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