10 fabulous cities where you can celebrate New Year

In winter, everyone wants a fabulous journey and new sensations, and especially on holidays. As you celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it - we all know this proverb and try to follow it.

Now the idea of ​​spending New Year's Eve in another city or even in another country is becoming increasingly popular. And what if it all happens and you spend the whole year in an exotic country? Here is a list of the most popular cities for celebrating the New Year.


Perhaps these are the traditions of the Soviet past, when Estonia was the farthest abroad. But, you see, the charm of the old European city, with bridge and stone towers - ideal for a fabulous journey. During the New Year holidays Tallinn is filled with fairs, concerts and fun tourists. A huge Christmas tree is traditionally set in the middle of the Town Hall Square, and a Christmas Fair is arranged around it, with delicacies and souvenirs, and live music is played in clubs and restaurants.


It is believed that Latvia introduced the tradition of decorating New Year's spruce first - in 1510 (there is even a sign in the center of the city informing about this - that is why contests of various Christmas decorations are constantly held in Riga. Old streets are decorated with different Christmas trees - from modern to quite traditional, they arrange many bazaars and festivals.


Unlike Russia, it is not customary to drink champagne here - instead they offer traditional Gzhanets. On the Market Square in the city center - fairs, shows and fireworks. And if you like donuts and buns, you are definitely in Warsaw, since these are traditional festive dishes in Poland. Prague A real fairytale city - with pictures of children's books. Old architecture will appeal to real romantics. In addition, the New Year begins here to celebrate the morning of December 31 - this is the day of St. Sylvestre, a national holiday. Love the fun, friendly atmosphere and vivid shows - go to Prague and start to celebrate the holiday a day ahead of all friends. And in early January, you can participate in major sales and fairs, which are accompanied by live music.


Viennese balls - the name is already a household name. It was in Vienna that chic receptions that had become a tradition were held, with beautiful music, where aristocracy came from all over Europe. On New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve, open-air fairs are held here, houses are decorated with wreaths, and in the Hofburg and the Vienna City Hall there are great balls with traditional waltzes.


Tourists from all over the world come to Berlin before the New Year to meet the chiming clock and the Brandeburg Gate. Fairs, processions and performances on the squares in the cozy atmosphere of the canonical European capital guarantee you a lot of positive emotions. In addition, every year the city center is made out in different ways, using the most modern technology.


Heat, the sea and a lot of concerts - that's how New Year is celebrated here. Muslims are not taken to celebrate this holiday, because all actions are arranged for tourists. Do you want to meet the New Year's Eve on the beach, with all the flavor of the East, without laying an apartment - then you are here.


This city lives by its own rules. On New Year's Eve, costumed festivals and carnivals take place here, eminent musicians perform - and, of course, until the morning the fun in clubs and cafes continues.


The tradition of throwing furniture out of the windows is an invention for tourists, the townspeople have long abandoned such risky activities. But here they are very fond of generous treats and sales. Festivities, fairs and concerts on the festively decorated streets until the morning. But among other things, the capital of shopping triples simply crazy sales on Christmas Eve, attracting tourists from all over the world.

St. Petersburg

A huge Christmas tree, fabulous characters and amazing festive decorations of the streets - this is what awaits you here for the New Year. Christmas is celebrated here with church services and noisy fairs that look especially charming against the backdrop of old architecture.

Choose a city to your liking and spend the New Year holidays in a fairy tale atmosphere. And do not forget to make a wish for the chiming clock - suddenly, and really in another city, it will come true faster?
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