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For the sake of a successful role, stars are ready for much, even for major changes in appearance. As a rule, the success of a film depends not only on a successful script, but also on the director’s courage and the determination of the actors. Many of those who agreed to change drastically for the sake of a credible role were able to more deeply reflect the character of the character and receive world recognition.

Charlize Theron

One of the recognized beauties of Hollywood agreed to collect 13kg, shave eyebrows and wear false teeth for the role of a serial killer prostitute. The film "Monster" brought her wild popularity and the Oscar in the category Best Actress.

Ann Hataway

By nature, the slim actress had to pretty lose weight and shave her gorgeous hair in front of the camera for a role in the movie "Miserables." The heroine Ann, Fatina, is a poor prostitute who sells hair and front teeth for food. Having played this complex image of the exhausted life of a woman, the actress won an Oscar, Golden Globe and several other awards.

Demmy Moor

The film "Soldier Jane" - perhaps the loudest work of the actress. For the sake of authenticity of the image, Demi did take a training course for recruits in the fur seal division and shaved her head boldly in front of the camera.

Natalie Portman

Another actress who decided to shave his head in front of the director. The film “V-means Vendetta” brought Natalie Saturn for the best actress and quite a decent fee. And for the film “Black Swan”, the actress lost 9 kg to match the appearance of a ballerina.

Rooney mara

Some actresses are ready not only to get a haircut and wear artificial limbs - but also to do a piercing on the face. For the sake of the Hollywood version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” Rooney pierced her nose, lip, eyebrow and nipple, bleached and shaved her eyebrows, cut her hair short and shaved part of her head, completely changing her usual image of an exemplary girl. Such a bold step brought the actress an Oscar nomination for Best Actress and Critical Recognition.

Hilary Swank

The actresses rarely take on male roles, so as not to spoil their role as a screen diva, but Hilary did an excellent job with the role just fine - her character in Men Do Not Cry won an Oscar and a Golden Globe. For the role of the actress is very thin, and also spent several months dressing and repeating the habits of men. And in the movie “Million Dollar Baby”, Hilary picked up 9kg of muscle and regularly engaged in boxing.

Renee Zellweger

For the most brilliant film in her career, fragile Renee recovered twice, by 15 and 13 kg. "Bridget Jones's Diary" brought the Oscar and Golden Globe nomination actress. And also unheard of popularity.

Vanessa Hudgens

The actress gave short curly hair and dyed it black for the role of the pregnant schoolgirl in the film Give Me Shelter, changing her usual ethnic style.

Cynthia Nixon

Victims for the sake of the image are needed not only in the cinema, but also in the theater. For the role of a woman with cancer, the actress shaved her hair, no doubt saying goodbye to the role of beauty from the TV series “Sex and the City,” for which she received the Tony Award and many positive reviews from critics.

Mariya Kozhevnikova

Not only Hollywood divas are ready to part with a luxurious hairstyle and appear in a rather bold manner. Maria for the role of the commander of the women's battalion during the Second World War, Vera Skrydlova, shaved her head and lost weight, but the character in the Death Battalion came out deep and characteristic.
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