Top 5 ways to increase brain productivity by 100%

Every day life becomes more and more rapid. Avalanches of various information are falling from everywhere. And here it is important not to miss the right and highlight the main thing. Above all, and thinking about an increasing number of people.

How does the memorization process take place?

The human brain is a unique organ. He can absorb and remember not even thousands of pieces of information, but millions. That is, an ordinary person is quite capable of remembering at least one hundred numbers of a notebook or the date of birth of all relatives, relatives and acquaintances. And this is only a small part of what our memory can contain. But how much information do you actually remember? It is negligible.

In order to improve and remember a lot more events and information, there are special methods for brain training. Just before you get to know them, you need to understand how the memorization process in the brain takes place.

At the first attempt to learn something or do something in the brain, an electrical signal flashes up and excites one of the neurons. He transfers his chemical agents to "neighbors." And it's not so simple. Between neurons there is a small gap - synopsis. The signal must "jump" through it. And once the obstacle is overcome, a neural connection is formed between the neurons. Therefore, when the action is repeated, the signal will overcome the synopsis much faster. This is how the brain memorizes.

Is it possible to develop memory? Methods of development

To develop memory, of course, you can. To speed up the process of communication between neurons and to train memory, there are many methods. They work absolutely for everyone and out of the majority, they sing out some of the most effective.

Method of associations

Any memorization of a material is the processing of information. The information that comes to us must somehow come into contact with the already existing knowledge. The techniques of linking new information to an existing one allow any ordinary person to achieve excellent results. For example, you need to remember 7 pictures. If you associate all the images, combine with some action, then instead of 7 pieces of information, the brain will be easier to grasp 1 unit. The memorized action, later reproduced in the head, will help remember the pictures you need.

Performing any action with your left hand

The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for memory, as well as for the movement of the left half of the trunk. Therefore, it turns out that, developing the brain with the actions of the left hand, you, accordingly, develop memory. You can, for example, carry out minor household chores with your left hand.

Remembering minor details

Overcoming the path from home to work and back, you have time to see a lot of different things and a lot of people. When you come home in the evening, start to think about who you saw and what your opinion caught on. Maybe you noticed something unusual in the passer-by? Or the girl ran across the road in the wrong place? So, remembering one moment after another, you will build your entire past day anew. Such a daily training will set your brain to memory development.

The method of memorizing numbers

Phone numbers and other information containing numbers are easy to remember if you associate numbers in numbers among themselves, group them or combine them. For example, the number 3589 you remember faster in this form 3 + 5 = 8, for 8 goes 9.

Deceive your brain

Most of the information the brain does not remember because it seems to him uninteresting or unnecessary. Let's say you "bite" the abstract (report, report, etc.), which is not remembered at all. You will learn the material much faster if you supplement it with some interesting or ridiculous moments that you can link to the subject of the abstract.

So, now you know that it is possible to develop memory, it is possible and even necessary. Try every method, look for your own, which will help you memorize important moments in life and all the necessary information. Brain training is always needed, otherwise the memory will fail you at the most unnecessary moment.
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