Films and serials about artificial intelligence and robots

In the industrial age, such topics are extremely popular. What is artificial intelligence? Can he develop himself? And, most importantly, how does it threaten people? If you are interested in movies on this subject, this chic selection is for you! All the most mysterious, brilliant and intriguing films in one article.


The plot is difficult: in a secret laboratory, scientists have created a hybrid of a robot and a man, in fact, the main character named Morgan. It would seem that it is contained in a well-guarded building behind armored glass, and its mind is completely controlled by computers. What can go wrong? . .

. . . And this is what you will know when you watch the movie Morgan.

"Out of the car"

Here the plot is somewhat similar - there is a cleverest inventor named Neaton, who created the robot. To him, an internship programmer Caleb gets an internship and immediately plunges into the world of technology, complex calculations and mental work. This is exactly what Caleb dreamed of! His robot Av is especially pleased - she is diligent, kind and grasps any information. But how long will it be like this?


A film that has amazed the entire film industry community. In the center of the story - a married couple of the smartest inventors. They are obsessed with the idea of ​​learning how to write to electronic media not only data, but. . . human personality and soul. The husband tragically dies and, exhausted by the suffering of the woman, makes an attempt to return him at least in digital form. But will it really be him? . . .

"World of the Wild West"

Dolores has everything you need for the happy life of a young cute girl. Favorite family, adored man, obedient horse and endless expanses of the wild West, which you can walk to draw every day. She's happy. She used to notice only the beauty of her world. . .

. . . And what will happen if she is told that she and everyone she knows are just robots, an expensive toy, with which “visitors” (rich guests) can do whatever they want? That her whole world, which Dolores loves and worships so much, is a quality illusion created by technicians and programmers? And her whole life is only a scenario with a certain limited set of actions prescribed in advance? How to survive this and not rebel? Or maybe a riot is the only thing to do?

This series is complex, intricate and interesting. Get ready for the fact that he will enthrall you with unexpected turns and you will disappear to society for a week - until you see both seasons!

"Black mirror"

Provocative series about the impact of technology on people's lives. If you adore unexpected turns, intrigues and technogenic atmosphere, the entire series will fly for you as one moment.

All the most burning topics rise in this movie masterpiece. Can artificial intelligence develop independently? Can it become dangerous at some point? How to cope with loneliness in this digitalized world? The series is about people and cars, about good and evil and the problems of choice. Difficult, but interesting.

"Pacific Rim"

And this film is almost entirely devoted to the antithesis of "a living creature-robot." In a large-scale fantasy action movie, it shows how huge robots created by humans fight off horrible monsters that have emerged from the depths of the sea.

"-To defeat the monsters, we created our own."

This film was shot, as they say, "in a big way": horrific battle battles, well-drawn graphics, good soundtracks. If you are a fan of driving films, this one is for you.

"Stepford Wives"

If a husband or a young man constantly reproaches you that you are not perfect - show him this film! He is almost entirely devoted to the theme of ideal, exemplary, as they say - exemplary women. Their homes are always perfect cleanliness, the children are washed and fed, and the husbands are happy. But is a human woman capable of constantly being an ideal and holding everything in her hands? Or is it just a soulless car?

"Bicentennial Man"

The film is about how a random system failure turns the assistant robot, an analogue of the current vacuum cleaner or washing machine, in. . . in what? In person? Is it possible? But look - and find out. In this film, you will not find abrupt transitions of the plot, evil robots or subtle intrigue. But he is infinitely kind and bright, he teaches that one should respectfully treat everything around, because everything has a soul. One quote from this movie is worth something!

"-This is a household appliance, and you treat this as a person!

- We are leaving. Come on, Andrew. "

This film is good for those who in this nervous technogenic world lack light and good. He will help finally warm up.

"Artificial intelligence"

If you started talking about good robo-films, without this, you simply go nowhere. A touching story about a robo-boy who got accustomed to the human family and fell in love with his mother. But she is only a person, unstable in his emotions. A robot is programmed to love her to the end of life. And it seems that this is already turning into real, truly human emotions. And who will end up being soulless?
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