Turn sport into pleasure - find “your” type of fitness!

Many people do not go to a fitness club because they do not enjoy exercise. If you feel uncomfortable in a busy gym, fall asleep on monotonous yoga, or come home late after your cardio exercises broken, then you are moving in the wrong direction. Therefore, choose yourself a type of occupation that matches your nature and rhythm of life. And then the training will bring satisfaction, and the slim figure - the admiration of the opposite sex.

When you are misanthrope

You tolerate people, but communicate with them through power. Negative emotions flow over the edge, and it is impossible to throw them out. What types of fitness will stop in this case?

If you like an active lifestyle, pick up a racket and run to the tennis court. In winter, however, give preference to squash. Such energy-intensive games help get rid of hot temper and anger at the world around. It is better to hit the ball heartily than to offend every person.

When work is exhausting, I want to calm down and retire. Then fit yoga and pilates. You do not need to communicate with other athletes, the main thing here is to concentrate on your own thoughts. A good option for relaxing workouts will be the pool, because water eliminates negative energy.

Do yoga if you do not like to be in the company of people!

Sociable nature

You are always ready to talk. The number of topics that draws to talk with relatives and friends, is infinite. But at work, you silently look at the monitor, but the home ones have time to speak out in a day, and you want to chat. Where to go to train?

Choose a group at the fitness center, such as step, aerobics or aqua aerobics. In addition to communicating with an instructor who will teach you how to do the exercises correctly, you will get to know your sports colleagues. Of course, it’s impossible to discuss everything in the world during training, because intense loads discourage the desire to talk. But the weekend - it's time to meet new friends and talk to them from the heart.

Group training is ideal for sociable natures!


You are not working now and run a household. Cooking, cleaning, checking lessons - every day you need to solve the same tasks. What are theatrical performances and art exhibitions here - your social circle is limited to neighbors, and teachers! It's time to look for new experiences.

Engage in martial arts or Latin American dances. By choosing aikido or karate, you will strengthen your muscles, increase your self-esteem and gain self-defense skills. And if you learn how to whirl in a waltz or dance a jive, you will get unforgettable emotions and wake up your own sexuality.

Classes in martial arts carry new impressions and strengthen your will power!

Figaro here, Figaro there!

It's difficult to find time for fitness in your daily schedule. Lectures or office work take away a lot of precious hours. And in the evening life does not stop - meeting with friends, going to the cinema, romantic evenings with a loved one - you are not going to sit still. What physical exercises are appropriate in this situation?

You are used to be in good shape, so intensive group training on bicycle or cardiovascular machines is your option. They strengthen the body and increase endurance. Do not want to pedal, play football, volleyball, hockey, basketball, or golf. Instead of evening get-togethers in a cafe with girlfriends, ride a bike around the city or run in a stadium with like-minded people.

Cardio loads are needed for active people to maintain their tone!

Fitness fan

Sport is your element. Every free minute is dedicated to physical exercise. Your figure is honed, and the extra gram does not linger on the body. But group training, calculated on the average level of training, do not bring more joy. I want to strive for new heights and increase the load.

So, work with a personal trainer. The instructor will make you an individual program that will help you stay fit and will not let you get bored.

If you want to grow in sports, work out with a personal trainer!

Lazy person

Every movement horrifies you. A warm blanket, a cup of cappuccino and watching a regular melodrama is a usual occupation after a busy day at work. What is aerobic training?

Find banal exercises for the hips, buttocks and waist on the Internet. Perform them at a slow pace under the viewing of your favorite show - combine business with pleasure.

Do fitness in front of the TV - this is a benefit, and entertainment!

Remember, whatever type of fitness you choose, it's never too late to change direction. It all depends on the mood, desires and goals.

Train with joy!
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