How to lose weight for the New Year without diets?

New Year's corporate can be a great motivation to lose weight. One of the reasons for the appearance of extra centimeters at the waist is slow metabolism. It is influenced by: physical activity, sleep and nutrition. To bring these indicators back to normal, you need to show self-discipline and willpower.

Changing the power mode

Diets are aimed only at a temporary restriction of the diet, so they give a short-term effect. Excessive use of them leads to the fact that the body begins to accumulate fat, in case of another reduction of the diet. Weight loss does not occur, and after leaving the diet to the existing kilograms may be added a few more. Do not cultivate a feeling of hunger. It is much more effective to review your menu, change the size of portions and the time of their reception if necessary.

Unbalanced nutrition leads to overeating. You should not wait for the appearance of hunger, try to divide the diet into 3 main meals and 2 snacks. How to eat to lose weight? To begin, adjust the meal times. If you do not want your metabolism to slow down, do not neglect breakfast. Awakened from sleep, the body must receive a sufficient amount of energy. Dinner should be about 3 hours before bedtime. This will help get rid of the habit associated with night trips to the refrigerator.

The greatest attention should be paid to the protein content in their own diet. They have the ability to start the process of lipolysis in the body (fat burning). Of course, carbohydrates and fats should also be present in a balanced diet. However, it is protein that reduces the glycemic index of dishes. Even deciding to reduce portions, make sure that enough proteins remain in the diet.

Foods that contain a lot of fat are recommended in the middle of the day. In the evenings, they become the main enemy of the figure. If you have firmly decided to lose weight by the New Year, the series of holiday weekends will be the greatest test for you. Tea and cakes, tasting salads and various snacks can negate all efforts to transform the figure.

Knowing that there are a lot of carbohydrates in the dish, try to eat a high protein product before it. Do not substitute the main meal, food with easily digestible carbohydrates. After they are consumed, the feeling of hunger comes quickly.

If you find it difficult to do without sweets, but at the same time you want to regain the shape of the figure, choose sweets with a minimum amount of fat (marshmallow, candy, various dried fruits). Even without adhering to a strict diet, some foods will have to get round. It is required to minimize the consumption of any fatty meat, sausage, lard, margarine, chocolate and dairy products with high fat content.

Do not forget that store sweets contain large amounts of trans fats. They "settle" on the thighs in the form of an orange peel. If among your favorite products, there are those that do not contribute to the reduction of indicators on the scales, limit their use, but do not refuse them completely. The absence of strict prohibitions will help avoid disruptions in the transition to fractional power.

Drinking mode

Slow metabolism is closely associated with dehydration. Losing fluid, the body begins to keep it for themselves for future use. Hence, swelling, fatigue and apathy. Metabolic processes slow down, fat continues to accumulate in the body. Do not dramatically increase your water intake. However, focus on 1, 5-2 liters, as the daily rate. To get started, get into the habit of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. The next step will be the introduction of a similar evening ritual (1 hour after a meal).


Physical activity helps to find harmony. The greatest visible effect can be obtained if you only briefly abandoned training and now you want to catch up before the holiday. For quick results, if the weight was accumulated over the years, you should not count. However, fitness can have an excellent auxiliary effect, accelerating the body's metabolism. Regular classes contribute to the absorption of protein.

Self-study will be no less effective than visiting a fitness center. You can begin to perform a complex lasting 10 minutes, and eventually increase its duration to 30 minutes. Depending on the state of health and initial physical training, it is necessary to choose static, dynamic or cardio workouts. Also in favor of harmony will go dancing, swimming or jogging.

Full sleep

At first glance, it is difficult to assume that sleep and weight loss are related. But if you remember that being under constant stress due to lack of sleep, the body will tend to slow down the metabolic processes, it becomes clear that a full-fledged rest indirectly affects the success in the fight against extra pounds. If lack of sleep has become a habit, a person may experience a strong craving for food. Due to the lack of proper rest, the body begins to save energy - lipogenesis is started (the process of formation of adipose tissue).

Scheduled breakdowns

It is impossible to always strictly adhere to the chosen power system. However, failures must be one-time. Do not allow them to turn around the collapse of hope and the loss of faith in yourself. After eating a high-calorie meal, continue to follow the intended plan for losing weight.

You should not suffer remorse about the planned failures. A visit to a restaurant or a restaurant can turn into a tasting of new dishes. Do not deprive yourself of pleasure. If you started to monitor your diet on a permanent basis, play sports and have a good rest, then you deserved a tasty reward!
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