Victoria's Secret Show: how to repeat makeup models?

Over the years the brand has been in existence, the models have emerged on the podium with various wings in the background. However, not only this feature has made their images memorable. The shining skin of the "angels" is radiant with freshness, the make-up of the lips is flawless, although no bright colors are used to create it. Of course, the images for each of the girls create an experienced makeup artists. But after looking carefully at their make-up, you can repeat it yourself.

Principles of makeup

The Victoria's Secret brand was founded in 1977, but “angels” began to appear at shows only from 1998. The images of girls are always different forethought and femininity. Therefore, the makeup for them is selected appropriate. The emphasis is on natural beauty. Individuals are not overloaded with makeup and bright colors. The latter would look vulgar, which is not to be allowed in relation to the "angels".

Key features

Shining skin with no visible imperfections can boast of every model that has been involved in the Victoria's Secret show. To achieve this effect, properly selected cosmetic cosmetics helps, along with highlighters and bronzers. A barely noticeable blush on the cheeks is a real masthead for such an image. Eyebrows are deprived of excessive graphicity, but emphasis is always placed on the eyes in makeup. Regardless of current trends, “angels” do not often appear on the catwalk with bright lip make-up. The scarlet tones are definitely not their choice.

Showy simple to perform. Therefore, stylists do not build complex hair on their heads. With rare exceptions, they appear on the show with flowing hair, which perfectly complements their makeup.

Victoria's Secret Show Style Makeup

Making the skin glow and natural blush is the first goal of this make-up. Before applying the tone it makes sense to use a serum or moisturizer. Angels hide pigmentation and pimples with concealer. To even out skin tone, you need to use a tonal foundation with reflective particles. It is not advisable to use a foundation with a dense coating.

Apply a highlighter to the protruding parts of the forehead, back of the nose and the upper part of the cheeks. Carefully blend this beauty product with a round brush. It is not recommended to use highlighters with large sparkles. Their particles will be visible on the skin separately from each other, this will not allow to create a natural effect of radiance.

Blush in a small amount applied to the apples of the cheeks. Choose natural shades for this makeup. Bright pink colors should not be used. It makes sense to give preference to creamy textures. To fix the makeup, you can use powder-veil.

Eye makeup is performed using a combination of light satin and matte shades. Matt shade is applied as a base. The outer corners of the eye are covered with a darker tone. They also should bring and lower eyelid. To look shining, in the middle of the century it is necessary to put a silvery shade. Blend it, creating a smooth transition to the previously used shades. In the area of ​​the outer corner of the eye, you can additionally apply a bronze shade of the shadows and shade it upwards, leading to the eyebrow.

In the images of the models of Victoria's Secret eyelashes are traditionally given great importance. They need to curl and carefully paint over. And experimenting with a touch of carcass is definitely not worth it. Intense black color enhances look. If necessary, you can use false eyelashes.

Eyebrows in this makeup should look natural. Do not radically change their shape. Before combing the hairs up, lay them with a special brush. To fix the hairs in the desired position allows the gel. It may be colorless or tinted. When choosing a tinted gel, do not allow a strong discrepancy in tone between the product and your natural eyebrow color.

To make up the lips, you can use either gloss or lipstick. In the first case, it is necessary to circle the contour of the lips with a pencil, the hue of which coincides with the natural tone of the lips. Then you should use a translucent gloss. The second option involves applying a delicate shade of pearl lipstick on the lips.

Makeup in the style of Victoria's Secret is versatile and easy to perform. The lack of bright shades of decorative cosmetics allows you to adapt it under the office with a strict dress code, it will be a worthy option for going to the movies or on a romantic date.
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