Style Icon: Learning to Dress with Marilyn Monroe

One of the brightest and most memorable figures of the 20th century was the unsurpassed Marilyn Monroe. She entered the story not only due to loud scandals, but also her sense of taste. In this article you will find five distinctive features of the image of the actress and model.

Deep cuts

Marilyn did not hesitate to emphasize her merits. Almost all of her famous evening gowns were decorated with triangular low cuts.

High heels

A woman in heels is capable of conquering the whole world - Marilyn loved to repeat. Celebrity throughout his life did not part with sandals and elegant evening shoes with high heels.

White dress

Speaking about the style of the great Marilyn, one can not forget about a short dress with a pleated skirt. The world remembered it fluttering under the wind of the ventilation grille in the film “The Seven Year Itch”. This fateful white dress was made by hand by William Trevill from expensive ivory silk.

Chic and gloss

Marilyn herself has repeatedly said that she prefers to go naked than to wear cheap clothes. Her wardrobe was attended by models of collections of famous fashion houses. She adored fur coats, silk and velvet dresses embroidered with rhinestones with the famous “American neckline”.

High waist

In the wardrobe of the actress was not so many pants. Their small number was represented by jeans of moderate length with a high waist. At one time, Marilyn introduced fashion for trousers of a similar cut, which continue to be relevant even now.

For many people, Marilyn Monroe continues to be the ideal of feminine beauty. Men go crazy with her smile, and women carefully copy the details of her images. Today you can even buy women's clothes online in the style of this famous actress. The name Marilyn has become a household name to some extent: fashion designers call it their collections, it names the models of evening dresses.

If you decide to become like Marilyn Monroe, then you can always buy online women's clothing to create an image of a fatal beauty. Customers are satisfied with their choice due to: quick delivery; favorable prices; a wide range of luxury women's clothing.

Oddly enough, the great Marilyn Monroe was made not by her famous white dress, but by the woman's charm, natural beauty and the ability to present herself correctly. Therefore, do not rush to buy expensive luxury women's clothing in an attempt to become the same as she. Find something unusual and make it your brand.
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