Winter sports that you didn’t even guess about

There are not so many main types of winter sports, but each country has its own options for entertainment during the cold season. If you do not know what to do on a weekend winter day, pay attention to non-standard sports.

Everyone tries to get a portion of good mood in different ways. Some come up with interesting games for themselves and friends, and they suddenly get public recognition and become sports. Here is a selection of the most original winter sports that will not let you get bored.

Wok racing

Bobsleigh is not the only sport where it is necessary to pass difficult tracks on a streamlined projectile. A new sport has appeared thanks to the telecast. German presenter Stefan Raab invited famous athletes to ride along the bobsled track on a new projectile - a Chinese frying pan.


In Lapland, they decided to convert ordinary maps for winter roads. Now fans of mini-races hold competitions on frozen reservoirs. There are no fundamental differences with traditional maps - the main thing is to choose sufficiently thick ice and put on protective gear.


Fans of kitesurfing from Russia have adapted to the harsh winter conditions and got a new sport. The main element is a kite, a kite, which is the main driving force, giving acceleration to an athlete on skis or a snowboard. The first to combine kite and ski is Dieter Strazilla from Germany.


This strange kind of hockey looks frivolous - the players drive around the field not the puck, but the ball, using brooms instead of clubs. In addition, skates are replaced with specific shoes. As for the rest, the rules and principles of protective elements of clothing do not differ from hockey which we are used to. They invented the game in Canada at the beginning of the 20th century, but now it is very popular in America, Australia, some European countries.


Do you like extreme and fast driving? In the US, they decided to water skiing can be replaced by ordinary, and the boat - a horse, having received a new winter entertainment. As a rule, the horse is controlled by a rider, and the athlete is behind and regulates only his movement. However, there is still a risky option when the athlete controls the horse. If there is no suitable horse in the farm, you can harness a dog, deer or car instead.

Ski bike

Such an unusual transport was invented in America, but the most popular in the ski resorts of European countries. Fans of extreme driving can choose special constructions, where instead of wheels there are upgraded skis, or upgrade any mountain bike with the help of additional linings and tracks on the rear wheel.

Sailing sleigh

The Poles decided to adapt a lot of lakes for fun entertainment and offered an interesting design of a sailing spoon and three runners. Externally, these sleds resemble a kayak on skates arranged like a tricycle frame. On a flat surface, such transport is able to achieve impressive speed, and maneuverability is achieved with the help of a rear support. Also such sleds are convenient for ice fishing.

Snow tubing

This Canadian sport will appeal to those who in childhood loved to ride from a steep snow-covered slide on a sled or briefcase. In fact, this is a descent on the track on a sled, resembling a rubber ring. You can go down alone or in a whole crowd. During the Christmas holidays are often held competitions in tubing on the speed of descent as part of teams or families.


A new alternative to traditional skiing has appeared, where snow shoes are used instead of skis. In fact, it is something between mountain tourism and skiing, as it allows you to move through the snow, while not making obstacles out of the mountainous terrain. This sport has no contraindications and does not require special training from the participants.
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