Lessons that really need in schools

School program is a strange thing.

School was useless

No, really. Which of the items really come in handy in life? Maths? Only if you went purposefully to this area. And then - from school mathematics in it is good for half a sip, anyway, then relearn and deepen knowledge. Spelling? Well, I am a journalist, for me this subject, of course, is as important as air. But thousands of people are confused "tsya" and "tsya", "dress" a hat and at the same time feel great. I, of course, condemn them - but they are right ok. Straight great! It was thought that there were only two of the really necessary items. Jurisprudence - so that people really know their rights, they could protect them both in the store, in order to return the blouse, and in the court for housing issues. Well, here the relevance is clear, right? And also - works. The girls there were taught to cook: be your husband even an exalted poet, even a down-to-earth mechanic, he will want to eat. And the boys could gain practical skills from the category of "hammer a nail." Well, so that the future wife just could not prikopatsya, that "there is no man in the house" and in order not to spend money on the workers who did not skip work at school. So why not dream up and present the school subjects that we really needed?

Lesson in the fight against bureaucracy

These lessons would teach you what documents are needed and for what purposes, how to collect them all and not die of horror or longing in the process. Once a month it would be necessary to send someone from the class to pay for a communal flat or do something like that. Then the whole class to discuss his mistakes. On the exam - to invite someone from the hardcore-picky officials to ask questions, ask for "another document" and talk about "I have lunch." The task of the student is to bypass all these obstacles and emerge victorious from such a scrape. And try to say that such lessons would not be useful in life!


How to find out how to buy the same, but cheaper? How to repel traders in the market so that you are not cursed in the process? Where to look for quality products, but cheaper? It is this vital knowledge that would be taught in these lessons. Once a month, be sure to invite to the class some of the vigorous and agitated granules in this regard. Here are those who go to the other end of the city for grain and know where it is better to take hard cheese. Secret discoveries - how to live on the average salary in the country and also postpone - this is what children need to teach from the “young nails”!


Some schools have something similar, but let's be honest - they don’t really provide actual knowledge. For example, how to get out as efficiently as possible, if you didn’t want to do anything all day, and before the arrival of the auditor (mother or mother-in-law?), Half an hour remained. Even at these lessons, they should explain how to arrange repairs so that in the process of discussing it with my husband not to get a divorce, how not to let Ravshan deceive you for a tidy sum and how to concoct a dinner out of a pair of bread and a piece of cheese (read from lying around in the fridge "for a rainy day").

Lesson literate dispute

Agree - to argue in life will have a lot. Psychologists and speakers should be invited to the teachers of this subject who will tell you where and with whom you still need to bring your point of view (state institution, shop or husband who wants to leave not at sea, but to the village), and where you can to score (grandmother at the entrance, who considers you ... not the most decent woman, let's say). It is the specialists who should teach how to argue, explain the strategies for winning and getting around sharp corners. Exam - all students argue each other reasonably and competently. It will be loud, but useful. Give lessons to disputes!

Choosing your half

Agree - we are taught anything except for really useful things! How to understand this guy with beautiful eyes - will you be hope or support? Or will another two dozen young ladies look into his beautiful eyes, and at home he will appear suddenly and unpredictably, like a flying Dutchman? And how to correctly build a relationship? To conduct this course, you need to invite two types of teachers: practicing psychologists and successful wives. Well, here are those who have been married for decades and know how to competently "steer" a man. So that he thinks that the decision about the purchase, for example, the wow of those curtains in a flower, is his personal willful decision, and not someone who carefully whispered in his ear.

Emotional stability

This subject is simply necessary in the school curriculum. After all, as soon as a person ceases to interest dolls or cars - the prices of soothing and tranquilizers begin to interest him. Teachers of this subject should be by education (and by vocation!) Real psychologists, explain how to maintain stable self-esteem, calm mood and self-confidence, so that it does not happen. And there are no exams on this subject - the entire class at the exam drinks tea on soft sofas and says that one has a soul. Great! Here is such a "vital" list of subjects necessary to study. Share in comments: what lessons would you like to attend?
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