Anime makeup: how to do?

Anime fans are getting bigger. Even if you have never considered yourself among them, you may have paid attention to the unusual appearance of the characters. Big eyes, barely visible lips, perfect skin tone. . . This makeup is unlikely to adapt to everyday. But it will be the original version for a theme party or photo shoot. Creating an image in the spirit of Sailor Moon is not difficult if you know the subtleties of such a make-up.

Porcelain skin

Most of the characters in Japanese cartoons have pale skin. It is logical that to create an anime makeup you first need to bring it to a similar state. Choose the lightest shade of the foundation available in your cosmetic bag. In the presence of imperfections, you must first use the corrector of the desired shade. Having shaded a foundation, use transparent powder to fix the received effect.

One of the characteristic features of anime makeup is that when creating such an image, blush is almost never used. But the contouring palette can be useful. Apply a dark shade to the wings of the nose. Light walk on the back of the nose. Gently blend the tones to create a smooth transition between them. You can apply a bronzer on the cheekbones, to further highlight them. But this action is not required for this makeup.

Clear eyebrows

Anime makeup will not require a dramatic change in the shape of the eyebrows, no matter how you have it. However, you will need to give them maximum clarity. The best solution would be to use a pencil for eyebrows. Draw clear lines repeating the natural shape of the eyebrows. Do not try to shade them and give a more natural look - this is not required for this make-up.

"Surprised" eyes

Anime makeup in the first place can be recognized by the way eye makeup is implemented. This is the most important step in creating an image. Big, wide open eyes - the main focus of this makeup. First, circle the upper eyelid with black eyeliner. When you do the same with the lower eyelid, do not forget to make an inverted arrow. To do this, “lower” the line, slightly bringing it to the inner corner of the eye. So you create a tail of an inverted arrow.

Then you need to lighten the eyelash growth line of the lower eyelid. Spend on it with a white pencil Kayal. Next is to create the effect of Smoky eyes with the help of dark shades of eye shadow. Blend them carefully so that the shadows look smoky towards the eyebrows. For this image, you can not only make up the eyelashes with mascara, but also use false eyelashes. A full-fledged anime make-up to doll appearance. Deciding to use false eyelashes, you should give preference to models that provide a noticeable effect. Lush and long false ribbon eyelashes will be an excellent option for the selected image.

Tiny lips

First you need to hide the natural borders of the lips with the help of a dense tonal mousse. Particular attention should be paid to the corners of the lips. Having shaded tonal means, apply on the center of the lips a small amount of bright lipstick (red or pink tone). It is advisable to apply it with fingertips. Instead of lipstick, you can successfully use tint for lips.

Anime makeup is an opportunity to try on an unusual image. He does not fit into the framework of the evening make-up, but gives the girl the opportunity to show imagination and look at the possibilities of decorative cosmetics from a new angle.
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