Complexes do not or how to raise self-esteem?

An inferiority complex is a negative opinion of a person about a certain quality. Usually, this is unjustified discontent and has no compelling reason to rebuke oneself about it. Reasonable dissatisfaction is called self-criticism. However, if such a phenomenon makes one dissatisfied with oneself, then it does not bring anything good either.

The cause of the complexes

The longer a person cherishes the complexes within himself, the harder it is for him to then deal with them and develop normally as a person. Therefore, as soon as the prerequisites for dissatisfaction appear, you need to ask yourself how to deal with an inferiority complex?

Each person is completely unique. And the complexes, as a reflection of the internal state, have different causes of appearance. It is difficult to make out right away when the discontent was born or what caused it. However, we all live in society and since childhood we are in approximately the same conditions. This does not apply to all areas in life. But the model of the main spheres is imposed on us by society, as a single norm. Therefore, there are a number of standard reasons for the development of dissatisfaction with yourself. For example, dissatisfaction with their external qualities and problems in dealing with men are usually caused by an inferiority complex. How to get rid of the inferiority complex will tell below.

You also need to understand that the complexes - this is normal. Only a psychologically unhealthy person is completely self-confident and does not see the slightest flaws. The fact that in some life situations complexes appear is normal. The main thing is to recognize the state in time, and to get rid of the complexes.

Recognizing the problem as the first step

An inferiority complex is not necessarily manifested by uncertainty about how it is. Some people carefully conceal the complexes and are protected by nervous reactions, tyranny and anger.

A person who cherishes inside an inferiority complex needs a lot of attention. He very much wants to be accepted with all his neuroses and unexplained disruptions. In fact, the most important thing is that a woman with inferiority complexes accept herself and acknowledge her displeasure.

It is very difficult when it is impossible to find the primary cause impossible. However, in most cases, you can rummage in yourself and find the reason for your self-dissatisfaction.

Top 5 effective ways to get rid of the inferiority complex

The first step to healing, after recognizing the problem and finding out the reason, is to abandon negative thoughts. You need to try to distract yourself from thinking that someone is better. No longer should you compare yourself with someone and take negative opinions about yourself. It is necessary to understand that there are unpleasant and negative sides in every woman. All people are not perfect and you, like everyone, have their drawbacks. Learn to think more about your merits.

Pay attention to your company of friends. Minimize communication with people who allow themselves to constantly criticize you. Understand that criticism is an extremely subjective thing and if someone is unhappy with you, it does not make you bad. Until you learn to abstract from the opinions of others, you will not be able to get rid of the inferiority complex.

Tear off the labels that you have hung on yourself. Forget about your negative opinions. Try something new and remember that everything is special.
We are all geniuses. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life, considering itself a fool. © Albert Einstein
Increase self-esteem through simple psychological exercises. The most effective exercise with a mirror. To do this, you just need to take a mirror or stand in front of him and try to find something beautiful in yourself. At the same time repeating: "I am the most beautiful", "I have very expressive eyes", "I have charisma in me", etc.

Read literature that is optimistic. Watch comedies and try to find a company of friends with the most positive thinking.

Remember that no one person can instill in you an inferiority complex, except yourself.
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