Tips for a good father

Dad in the family is very important, but are they aware of the children? In one Moscow kindergarten, they offered to play "Mother Daughters" not only to girls, but also to boys. If the girls immediately dismantled all female roles, that is, they agreed to be mothers, grandmothers or daughters, then the role of the pope was unclaimed. The boys wanted to be either sons or dogs, but no one wanted to become the head of the family. Only 1 boy agreed to become a dad. What did he do? Legged, asked to give him a newspaper, television, and also ordered not to make noise. Then he said that he would sleep and go to play computer games. And so the whole game the boy lay on the couch. The psychologist asked the children what their parents usually do. They talked about mothers and grandmothers in detail and with joy, but they were reluctant to talk about their father, that is, he either "constantly goes to work" or "earns money".

The role of the father in the family

Previously, my father was always a breadwinner, as well as a general mentor, a person who must make important decisions. He was the head of the family, the most experienced, skillful, authoritative. Till now some families adhere to this traditional model of a family. However, now women can also work, and, accordingly, earn, that is now they do not depend financially on men. The traditional family is a thing of the past, and a new model of paternity has appeared: men now not only help a woman raise children, but they also take care of the child, take care of it, communicate and are friendly. Psychologists say that the education received from the father is no less important than the upbringing received from the mother. Mom loves the child just like that, already for the fact that he was born, father's love is more demanding, her child should earn. To do this, it must meet any social requirements, that is, become successful. It is very important that both mom and dad are present in the life of the child, their joint activities are very important. That is, I did not just buy an expensive toy and showed it my love, but it's important to communicate with the child, friendship with him, participation, attention. Even if the dad wants to hug his son or daughter, put him on his knees, talk to him or her, admire how the child tells the poem - it's not "calf tenderness", but the normal communication of the father with the baby.

Tips for Dads

Here are some simple tips for dads that will help them get closer to their children:
  1. It is necessary to spend time with the baby from the first days of his life, it is very important for his mental development. Many are sure that if he is still small, babysitting him does not make sense. That will grow, then you can go to the cinema together with the ball. But this attitude of detachment leads to the fact that between the father and the son or daughter there is misunderstanding, distrust, and then there are conflicts.
  2. Play with the kids. Why, did he play with his mother or grandmother? Fathers do not play like mothers who tend to treat children with caution, often stroking children and taking care of them. Dads like energetic games, and this is also necessary for children. What could be better than riding on the dad's neck and being thrown to the ceiling itself.
  3. Not only abuse, but also praise the child, censure should not prevail over praise. Educate - this does not mean scolding or forbidding, punishing, or by 4 years he will be sure that his father expects only bad from him. The child can grow insecure, will also wait for other people's negative assessments.
  4. If the spouse decided to take a bath or drink tea, you do not need to shout to the child "leave your mother alone!", It is difficult for him to break away from the most beloved and dear person. It is better to take the kid by the hand and invite him to play with the designer, with toys, read the book.
  5. When the wife cried out, do not join her, blaming the baby. Screaming is not an option, just sometimes emotions can overwhelm a person. Next to the child should be a calm adult, next to whom he will feel safe.
  6. If you decide to take a walk with the child, reduce it to some kind of event, never tell him that the mother will be able to rest from it. The kid should not doubt that it is very important for the mother, and even if she really needs rest, even from the child, he should not know about that.
Family - this is the father, and mother, and children, so do not move away from each other. Children need a clever and kind dad nearby, so do not forget to spend time with them, at least half an hour every day, walk together, go to the theater, to concerts. All these minutes will not be wasted, and this time spent with your dad is much more important than an expensive toy.
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