How to make a wish to come true

At the end of the calendar year, it is customary to sum up the results and make plans for the next year - maybe not for nothing? Any desire can become a reality if you put some effort into it.

A sufficiently important stage for the completion of a certain life cycle is the completion of cases and the setting of new goals. We will tell you how to evaluate yourself and what needs to be improved in the future.

Make a list

In chronological order, write on a piece of paper what you achieved last year. This applies not only to work, but also to family, home, self-improvement — all new material and spiritual victories.

Recognize yourself

Who, if not you, praise and thank yourself and others for a busy year, for the peaks reached. If you could not achieve the final goal, rejoice in the correctly chosen vector of movement and look to the future positively - this attitude contributes to changes for the better.

Understand yourself

Analyze the events of the past year and your attitude towards them. Do not be afraid to remember your fears, failures and grievances. Acute feelings attract the same state, so stop being afraid of loneliness, otherwise it may overtake you. Write down all your feelings and ponder what they are caused by and what you should teach.

Do not be afraid of failures

Take any failure as a regular experience and step towards the desired goal. Thank friends and rivals for the life lesson - if you do it sincerely and do not hide an insult, in the future you will have good news. Release past negative emotions and open your soul to positive change.

Make a list of positive traits

A peculiar summary will delight you with its volume and help in the future to add to it all new deadlines. Work on yourself the most hard - and others will appreciate it.

Conduct an objective analysis

Compare your achievements - and the achievements of friends and loved ones. This will help to form a critical attitude towards yourself and add objectivity to the assessment.

Make a plan of desires

Write a business plan for the next year: what would you like to achieve with your actions. Break the list into time periods with clear deadlines, be realistic in your desires and specific in the formulations. Do not forget that all goals must be positive and bring you only good emotions. At the time of writing the list, rely on the tasks already completed and the experience gained this year.

Monitor the execution of items every month - this will help to discipline the implementation of their own desires and goals. Score yourself based on the result. Review your list - maybe a new experience will allow you to adjust the steps to achieve what is being done and add new items.

Do not forget about the positive attitude: believe in yourself - and you will succeed!
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