5 types of men not ready for a serious relationship

Are all the representatives of the strong half of humanity suitable as husbands? Of course not. Most specimens poison our lives. They deftly play on the nerves, feed them “breakfasts,” be afraid to grow up, break their hearts, but never marry. Why it happens? How to recognize men who are not suitable for marriage? This article is for those women who are committed to a serious relationship and do not want to waste their precious time just like that.

1. A married rascal: “My wife and I do not live together! "

Often we fall in love with married men. They promise a divorce, but they return home again and again to their spouses. Tell me, do you enjoy sharing your lover with another woman?

“Bunny, I'm on a weekend with my family out of town!” "," Honey, tomorrow the youngest child will have competitions in martial arts - I will support my son! "," Kisya, free myself and call you! "- the eternal excuses of not free personalities.

And you also hide from prying eyes, you are afraid to take the chosen one by the hand in public places, you shudder at every phone call and while away most of your evenings in the company with yourself - this is a relationship!

To get to know the non-free type, catch the tips. Such copies do not call to their home, do not introduce with friends and do not rush to be photographed with you. They talk on the phone on the sidelines, ignore questions about their personal lives and run abruptly on urgent matters. Married men are well-groomed and clean - the pious tries.

He is a stranger husband! Waiting for the beloved to divorce - vain dreams!

2. Alphonse: “How are your money? "

The intoxicating sea situation, in the center of which a certain seducer of women's hearts, shooting with fleeting eyes, purposefully searches for the victim. Dissolving in the bliss of resort bliss, you get on a cooked hook - and you become a happy prisoner of its magnetic spell. And then - roses, compliments, heartbreaking embraces.

During the candy-bouquet passions, the woeful lover increasingly looks into someone else's wallet - and you do not notice how your money is in his power.

How to calculate the gigolo and not get into his network? Such charismatic personalities are well-groomed, sociable, charming and courteous. They often borrow, empty your refrigerator, without participating in its replenishment. Such heartbreakers often complain of problems, bankruptcy, lack of money in the hope that you will share your blood with them.

Alphonse gives flowers to attract your attention, and then the wallet!

3. Mama's boy: “I already ate! "

Such a man is hard to imagine without a caring mom nearby. He adores his patroness, lives under her strict control and does not represent life without the advice of a strict supervisor. What to buy in the store, how to choose a tie, where to go to relax - everything is discussed with the mother.

If the son is going to start his own family, let him not wait for peace. A parent so simply will not give up her beloved child into the hands of a cunning kidnapper, surely, because she is her property!

How to recognize caressed by mommies men? They live with their parents under the same roof for years and do not want to have their own apartment. Such types run after the first call of their intercessor, in each statement they mention the name of the mother, they are waiting for praise and can neither hammer a nail nor twist a light bulb.

Mama's boy always asks his mother for advice, even if he is married!

4. Narcissus: “I love myself to tears! "

“What a fashionable, brutal, intelligent, charming dandy - and all mine! - so we think at first. But such types require admiration and worship from the opposite sex. Still, after all, male narcissuses are ready to bathe in our love day and night, without giving anything in return. For them, true feelings are empty words.

Selfish persons consider themselves to be the center of the universe, and the rest for them - the attendants. And if the handsome do not feel adoration from others, then fly away in search of a new victim.

What else is a narcissus posing? He is dressed with a needle, groomed, polished to shine. But often this shine is annoying.

Such men do not know how to love a woman. They are cunning, deceitful, cynical and prudent.

Narcissus will not miss the opportunity to once again admire yourself!

5. Aggressor or tyrant: “Stand at attention! "

In appearance, a male aggressor resembles a mountain inside which a volcano sleeps - just about wait for the exit of red-hot lava. So it is in relationships: at first he is power, strong in spirit, unshakable, gallant. But it is worth the matter not to go according to his plan, he is angry, rude and makes everyone dance to their own tune.

The tyrant is irritated by trifles, inadequately reacts to situations, jealous for no reason, does not pity the elderly and stray animals. He clings to relatives, blames other people for his troubles, and raises his hand to a woman.

Oddly enough, despotic personalities attract girls. Ladies often suffer from such a tyrannical and dependent love, but they are afraid to leave the despot - God forbid, cripple or kill.

The aggressor is annoyed over trifles and does not show sympathy to anyone!

Dear young ladies, be careful when choosing a life partner! Build relationships with serious and adequate men!
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