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Health is our most important wealth, if it is not there, neither money, nor travel, nor success at work pleases. There are no universal ways to help restore health. But you can strengthen the body, help him cope with various diseases. How to do it? There are many ways, and one of the most enjoyable is listening to the singing of birds. It is called "ornithotherapy". It is useful for healthy people, because it helps to cope with stress, get positive emotions.

Does ornithotherapy help

Now there are a lot of near-scientific methods of treatment, many of which not only do not help, but also harm. Therefore, before using this or that method of therapy, it is important to make sure that it works. Let's hear what the experts say.
  1. The opinion of VD Il'ichev (Doctor of Biological Sciences, ornithologist). He was sure that bird voices could heal. They soothe, amuse, heal the soul. The person at the genetic level is connected with nature, and the singing of birds for him is initially pleasant. When the birds begin to flood their trills? In the spring, that is, when the cold, frosty days are already behind us, ahead is a rich, productive summer. Therefore, the voices of birds for us already at a subconscious level - it's something nice. And positive emotions contribute to good health.
  2. American ornithologist Peter Brush. He advised us to listen to the trills of our feathered friends every day, and he himself constantly included records with their voices. He was sure that they bring the person closer to nature, evoke pleasant memories. Peter Brush wrote that singing birds is the best way to relax.
  3. Holland. In this country, this method of therapy is considered official.
  4. One of the clinics near Moscow. There, the influence of bird's trills on the health of patients with various diagnoses was studied. It was found that patients who listened to birds singing recuperated 2 times faster.
Of course, this is not all evidence of its effectiveness of this method of treatment, but they are enough to not be abandoned.

How to be treated with birds singing

We have a genetic foundation that singing birds is a signal to the brain that you can rejoice. If we are constantly near the birds and enjoy their voices, then we create a joyful environment for ourselves. Therefore, try to listen more often to bird singing. At the weekend, get out into the forest, park or at least sit in the courtyard of the house. If it does not work, there is no time, or winter windows, you can listen to recorded voices, you can get a singing bird. For her to sing more often, she needs to include records of singing of different birds, classical music, even the usual murmur of water from the slightly opened faucet can help awaken the singer in her.

When we see cheerful and chirping birds, we forget about melancholy, depression. Immediately the mood rises, the spleen passes. Neuropathologists advise to listen to the trills of birds, to get rid of apathy, fatigue, nervous diseases. Bird singing helps with pain. In England, this method is used to combat depression. Researchers from the British National Foundation found that to improve the mood in gray winter weekdays, at least 5 minutes of listening to birds singing. This therapy can be compared with a 30-minute walk in the park or the use of 5 products with a good set of vitamins.

Communication with birds for children is very useful. They become more patient, responsible, attentive. Hyperactive children singing birds calms, helps them quickly fall asleep. In addition, these trills contribute to the development of musical ear. Professor VD Il'ichev suggested using birds to treat stammering and other problems with speech in the child.

The singing of any bird is useful, even the cry of crows or the cooing of pigeons, but it was found that trills of some representatives of birds help with certain diseases:
  1. Heart diseases. We need rhythmic, uniform sounds, that is, chanting finches, oatmeal, canaries, singing thrushes.
  2. Overwork, lack of sleep, neurosis. Buy yourself a slag or a croak, a gum, a waxwurst, a big titmouse.
  3. Hypertension. With this disease, listen to the blackbird and the forest lark.
  4. Headache, stress. The nightingale's trills, warblers, dawns will help.
  5. Nervous tension, bronchitis, tracheitis. Will ease the state of the field lark.
Undoubtedly, the singing of birds is very useful, this is a fact proven by scientists. But to rush from the extreme to the extreme also does not follow. Ornithotherapy is an auxiliary method of treatment, that is, one should not abandon drugs, it is important to adhere to the recommendations of doctors. And, before you start a bird in the house, think about whether you can provide it with proper care. If you do not have the time or energy, it is more useful to walk in a park or forest, where you will not only enjoy the trills of birds, but also breathe the healing air. Equally useful are physical activities, as well as communication with nature. It's almost summer, outside the window - fine weather. The best time for walking in the fresh air.
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