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New Year's holidays are especially loved by children. Long holidays, sweet gifts, funny Christmas trees for kids ... And the meeting with Santa Claus and his helper Snow Maiden is a whole event for them. But if older children are happy to tell them poems, write letters, then for kids acquaintance with fairy-tale characters can end in tears. A huge man with a long beard and a loud voice can frighten a child. Therefore, to meet with Santa Claus, you need to prepare the baby if you do not want to spoil the holiday for yourself and the children.

At what age is the child ready to meet with Santa Claus

To say exactly at what age a child can meet with Santa Claus is difficult, because much depends on the characteristics of his character. Some kids are already happy at this meeting at the age of 2, while others at the age of 4 are embarrassed and afraid.
Psychologists say that it’s better to meet a fabulous grandfather in 2-3 years.
Until this age, such a meeting can end in failure, the child can be very frightened, and later strangers will eschew a long time. That is why in nursery groups the matinees always passed without Santa Claus. Snow Maiden or fabulous animals came to visit the children: bunnies, bears.

Children after 3 years are psychologically ready to meet the main character of the New Year holidays. They are waiting for him, they teach him poems, songs and dances. At this age, it is not only possible but necessary to organize such meetings. But it is better to prepare for them in advance so that the baby does not hesitate and is not afraid of a kind Grandfather.

How to prepare for the meeting

In order for the holiday to be fun, without children's tears and hysterics, it is advisable to start preparing in advance for a meeting with Santa Claus. Preparation for the New Year is better to start from December 1. What exactly needs to be done:
  1. Tell your child who Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are, what they look like, what magical abilities they have. You can complement the story with stories about Santa Claus. Together, listen to New Year's songs, read poems about this holiday, watch cartoons. You can learn a short poem that a baby can read to Grandpa.
  2. Find records of New Year's parties and Christmas trees in YouTube. Let the child see from the side how it all goes. Focus his attention on the fact that the children rejoice at the meeting with Santa Claus, waiting for him, calling, and then playing with him.
  3. Visit the shopping centers or central streets of the city. There certainly will be promoters disguised as Santa Clauses, they often hand out flyers or invite to visit this or that institution. The child will be able to come and greet the "Grandfather" or at least just watch him.
  4. Write a letter to Santa Claus. Now the stores have ready-made elegant forms. You can write it on a regular sheet of paper, then decorate it with sparkles, stickers, appliqué, and bright drawings. You can invent and write the text yourself, and entrust the design to the baby. Make sure your child gets a response from the fabulous Grandfather. Preferably printed on beautiful paper.
  5. You can make something as a gift to Santa Claus. While working on the craft, the child will gradually get used to the idea that he will soon meet with the New Year wizard. Do not forget to praise the kid, to say that you really like the surprise that he prepared for Grandpa.
  6. Be sure to warn the child that Grandpa will delight him with a gift. Everyone loves to receive gifts, so the baby will look forward to this meeting.
Try not to make the mistakes that some parents make on New Year's Eve:
  1. Never frighten a child with Santa Claus. You can not say that he freezes naughty children. For the baby, this should be a kind and positive character.
  2. Talking about him, do not say that Santa Claus sneaks into the apartment at night to leave gifts in it. Some babies will be delighted because the good wizard comes to them at night, but there are those who will no longer feel safe after that. For them it is important that strangers cannot get into the house, even if they came with gifts.
  3. Do not force the child to read a poem when he does not want. If the baby is scared, shy, do not insist on speaking. Moreover, it is not necessary to teach a poem, especially if he does not want to do this. The child will begin to worry that he will forget the poem or make a mess of something.
  4. Do not tell him that Grandpa will not bring him a New Year's gift. It is believed that Santa Claus gives toys and sweets only to those children who were good all year. But the kid should not doubt that he will receive a gift, otherwise the holiday will become a real source of stress for him.
Many people associate the New Year holidays with fun, rich food and gifts. This is a happy time when all family members gather at the same table, and then spend long vacations together. So that your children will enjoy the New Year, try to do everything right. In the new year you need to enter happy, because then, according to accept, it will go very well.
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