How to get rid of the routine and bring into life the bright colors?

In the yard gloomy and chilly weather. How do you not want to get up early in the morning, rush to work in a half asleep and go back through the wet streets. At home, dinner again, the next series and the embrace of Morpheus. And tomorrow, all over again according to the old scheme. If you exist by inertia and do not get pleasure from anything, it's time to change everything. Get rid of the routine and fill life with new colors.

Change the scenery

Monotony is depressing on both sunny and cloudy days. Coloring the gray of everyday life is easy - try changing the scenery.

Work at home

Are you an accountant or a lawyer? Then arrange with the management once a week to take things home. Today, most firms offer remote work. So you will save time, sleep an extra hour, but with fresh forces prepare a quarterly report, wrapped in a favorite blanket.

Work at home will allow you an extra hour to soak in bed!

Change of schedule

Here is another option. Ask your bosses to move your work schedule one hour earlier or later. Working from 8. 00 to 17. 00, you will forget about traffic jams and take the extra 60 minutes to yourself or your family. And the mode from 11. 00 to 20. 00 will suit those people who find it difficult to wake up in the early hours.

Other route

And also change the usual route to work. Once a week, go to the office by other transport, get off the bus two stops to the destination to walk. So you will see new landscapes, enjoy the morning freshness and singing of birds. And it gives mood and energizes for the whole day.

Mini vacation

During the working day, find time for mini-breaks. But do not go to the smoking room or for another cup of coffee, and spend a 5-minute rest with benefit. Get up from the workplace, walk around the office, do an eye gymnastics, meditate. This is how brain activity is restored, forces appear, and you are ready to reach new heights.

Use the 5-minute break at work with benefits - meditate and free your thoughts from the negative!

If you are not experienced in meditation, refer to the audio recordings. You sit with your eyes closed in headphones and follow the instructions of an expert.

Productive road

It's great when work is close to home. But often, to get to the office, you need hours and patience. After all, standing in traffic jams is a tedious and tedious task! So get distracted and spend time differently - for example, reading books or listening to training sessions.

Are you still sleeping and not ready to absorb new information? Then rest, watch what is happening in the window, mentally prepare for a productive, harmonious and eventful day.

If overcomes laziness

On the way to our homes, we often think not of the long-awaited rest, but of the upcoming domestic troubles. What a mood here! Still, feeding the family, checking the lessons for children, washing the dishes is our initial business. And then think about yourself and beloved. But this is no longer the strength. What to do?

Allow yourself once a week to succumb to laziness. When you get home, drop into a chair, close your eyes and do nothing. Then read a book, watch the show, drink mint tea and wrap yourself in a warm blanket. After resting, you may want to clear the table or help your child with math. But make sure that the caring spouse has already done everything. What now to spend extra energy? Pay attention to her husband.

After resting and gaining strength, you can spend time with your family!

Do not change the profession?

Sometimes we are so tired that work is a heavy burden on our shoulders. And the question arises: “Isn’t it possible to change the occupation? Do not rush to translate ideas into reality. Often this rush is caused by a lack of strength.

To understand the problem, ask yourself what you want today the most. If you lie on the beach and feast on exotic fruits, go to the seaside. If you can not fly to hot countries, go to the sauna, play bowling, visit an art exhibition or stroll along the avenue. So you calm down, and the thought "quit all" will go away by themselves.

Looking for a hobby

Here you rested to the fullest, lay for a week in the "pose of the log", now listen to yourself and determine a plan of action. It is not necessary to turn your own life upside down, it is enough to find a favorite thing.

Remember what you wanted in childhood? If you draw mountain landscapes, sign up for an art circle. Did you like to wear dolls? Go to cutting and sewing courses. Dreamed of learning roller skating in your youth? Go ahead, conquer the street sidewalks!

Hobbies make us happy, happy and harmonious people. And no time of year can prevent this.

Hobbies fill your life with a rainbow of colors!

Bright, colorful, positive and impressive to you life!
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