What to cook for the New Year 2019?

The symbol of 2019 promises peace and financial prosperity. In the year of the Pig, seldom there are serious upheavals and all the diligent will be rewarded. For the favor of the Yellow Earthen Pig, you need to carefully approach the question: what to cook on the table in 2019?

Decorate the table and dishes

Particular attention in the year of the Pig should be given table setting. The mistress of the year will not forgive the carelessness and lack of preparation for her arrival. Those who correctly set the table on New Year's Eve will surely be pleased and given to their favors.

Excessive decorations and pomp must also be removed. Yellow Pig does not like pretentiousness and bust with decor. All elements of beauty should not overlap edible dishes and overshadow them. The task of the hostess, when she sets the table for the new year, is to search for the golden mean when serving it. Total should be in moderation.

Ideally, the table in this new year, the hostess arrange and serve in a rustic style. The table is laid not with used oilcloths, but with a real starched textile tablecloth. The priority is white and yellow. The piercing must be green or red.

You can decorate the table with dried bouquets of ears. Grain can be sprinkled with thread between dishes. Very pleased with the Earth Pig, if the hostess spreads cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices on the table.

Try to use tissue paper rather than paper napkins. They can be any color, but the most ideal option would be red napkins on a white tablecloth. Or vice versa. Place bright towels and plates on a red tablecloth. Red and white shade, as in the best traditions of New Year's Eve, should become the rule of decoration in the celebration of 2019 New Year.

Particular attention should be paid to the dishes. She must be beautiful. Even if you meet the chiming clock on the street, take these glasses. Well If they will be with gold painting.

In the center of the table, in order to be lucky in the year of the pig, it is necessary to arrange a dish with piglet wheat, acorns and dried berries. You can add all the forest nuts.

Don't forget the candles. The ideal option would be handmade candles made in pink or yellow with sparkles used by them.

What to put on the table to please the pig?

Reflecting on what should be on the table in 2019 Pig, you need to remember that all the ingredients of dishes should be natural. The mistress of the year will love it if you bake the whole family with beautiful and fragrant buns. A good option would be ginger cookies in the form of pigs. The main rule is that pastries should be homemade and fragrant.

Alcohol should be all low alcohol. Contrary to steriotypes, the Pig is not very indulgent towards drunkards and does not like excessive alcohol addiction. In addition to traditionally champagne, on the table in 2019 New Year there should be beautiful and bright berry cocktails. All glasses must be decorated with fruits or sugar crystals.

On the table in the New Year, in order to please the Pig (Boar), there must be several kinds of meat. This can be a rabbit, lamb and chicken. It is not advisable to serve pork dishes, this is unlikely to enjoy the mistress of the year. The baked goose will look perfect on the New Year's table.

Salads need to be cooked in several bowls. Do not serve on the table wide in diameter dishes. Better to make them a few. The dinner should be a variety, but nothing needs to be cooked in large quantities.

On the table in the New Year's Eve 2019 there should be as many fresh vegetables and greens as possible. Greens can stand in small vases and decorate other dishes.

What on the table will not like the hostess in 2019

On the table in the New Year of the Pig (Cabana) can not put products of non-natural origin. You can not use any fast foods and dishes that are prepared in an unreliable place. Ideally, everything needs to be cooked at home by yourself.

If you use sauces and mayonnaise, then you need to cook and cook them at home to avoid harmful additives.

It is not advisable to cook the game. However, if this is part of the family tradition, then everything is allowed to cook, except for the boar.

The pig is very kind to the family and home comfort. Celebration of her year is best spent at home with relatives. Prepare small gifts and worry about the good atmosphere.
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