How and in what to meet the New Year 2019?

In the eastern culture, the yellow earth pig is perceived as a good animal. The symbol of 2019 brings financial well-being, fertility and family unity. How to celebrate the New Year and how to prepare your home, so that the Pig will give you its patronage?

How to decorate the house and the table in the new 2019 Year?

The decoration of the house for the New Year 2019 should be taken very seriously. Pig is a pet that appreciates comfort and family spirit. Therefore, the home should be soaked with comfort. Try to pay special attention to the cute little things. Attributes should be soft and homely. Preference is better to give elements of textiles.

The decor of the table and home for decoration in the New Year 2019 must be citrus fruits. They will fill the house with aroma and emphasize comfort. In addition, well suited cinnamon sticks and vanilla. All these smells will help make the house warmer and strengthen family feelings.

In the year of the Pig you should not abandon the Christmas tree. Prefer better live tree. Decoration of the symbol of celebration you need to do the whole family. Let everyone contribute to the beauty of the tree. In order to sunbathe Pig try to buy some new toys. They should be with elements of gold painting, with glitter and large size. You can make toys of yellow ribbons and decorative rope without permission. Such toys will create an additional sense of comfort.

On the table, in addition to edible decorations, you need to eat beautiful golden or yellow candles. Between dishes you can put beautiful stones and beads. Bottles of champagne must be wrapped with beautiful napkins, and glasses tied with ribbons.

No need to cook large portions, but there should be a lot of dishes. No need to cook the fish, it does not like the mistress of the year. In 2019, the New Year is better to cook a few meat dishes. Desserts should contain hazelnuts, as well as more fruits and berries. In a separate dish, you can put grain and whole hazelnuts with acorns.

What to wear to celebrate the New Year 2019

The main rule of clothing in the New Year 2019 should be its own satisfaction. You should like the outfit. Pick it to your taste and shape. Pig, the symbol of the year, the famous spender. Therefore, you should not save. Clothes with all the chic, should be comfortable. For the image, you can choose absolutely any color. Special attention should be paid to accessories.

Arguing how to celebrate this new year, you need to navigate to the place of celebration. For a big party fit chic and voluminous decorations. Golden color jewelry and bright makeup should be a partner for such an evening. Once a day is a new year in the home circle, you need to use wood decorations. However, if you prefer a more elegant option, then you can wear other, more throw accessories.

Hairstyle in celebration of the new 2019 should be intricate and unusual. This can be a complex styling or volumetric weaving. The symbol of the year will be liked in braided hair and gold jewelry.

What to donate in 2019?

Gifts are one of the most enjoyable elements of New Year's celebration. They symbolize fun and good attitude to relatives. A pig takes the spirit of the family very seriously, therefore it is better to give presents with love with all my heart.

Thinking what to give your family for the new year, you need to remember about the packaging. Gift boxes must be wrapped in yellow, red, green or gold.

Pig respects practicality. Therefore, the gifts should be the necessary stuff. These can be pajamas, socks, bedding sets, cups, flower pots and decorative elements. If there is an opportunity, then you can give your loved ones jewelry. Fun and funny things will be appropriate.

What to expect in the year of the Pig: a general forecast

The pig closes the eastern cycle. She is the final animal in the cycle. Over the entire period, a lot of negative emotions and tension accumulated. A pig will take a part of the negativity on itself and help to cope with many problems.

In the new 2019, it will be possible to exhale and relax a bit morally. Diligence will be justified. The year will bring peace and financial well-being. This period will pass smoothly and smoothly.

The special location of the Pig is experiencing couples. This year many issues are being addressed. Improve the emotional and monetary situation of families.

Year successful for marriage and the birth of children.
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