How to choose winter shoes?

The choice of winter shoes is a task that will certainly affect everyone on the eve of cold weather. Provident citizens are trying to solve such problems in the summer. But those are very few. This winter is yet to come. Therefore, the choice of winter shoes - the question is more relevant than ever. What criteria should be followed?


When buying warm shoes, you need to understand: they will have to be worn over snow, coppers, in slush. In short, over rough terrain. Therefore, shoes must meet the following criteria:
  • convenience;
  • quality;
  • practicality;
  • aesthetics.

High-quality winter shoes - the best prevention of colds

Women's shoes

For the beautiful half of humanity in any matter the appearance has always been and remains in the first place. Winter shoes are no exception. A woman, gracefully walking on her heels (heels) in snow or ice, is quite a familiar picture for a modern metropolis. Men can only surprise the skill of the balancing act, which is manifested in this case by the representatives of the weaker sex.

Convenience and appearance are two main factors for women when choosing winter shoes.

Men's shoes

Men pay much more attention to the practical side of the issue:
  • material used when sewing;
  • strength of seams;
  • sole thickness and material;
  • used insulation.

Children's footwear

Choosing shoes for children is the hardest. Their leg grows very quickly. Boys often play football (even in winter). Slides, playgrounds - factors that adversely affect the appearance of shoes.

Buying winter shoes for a child, it is better to take 1-2 cm longer than the foot. Need to focus on the length of the insole, but not the sole. Only in this case, you can be absolutely sure that the baby carries her until the end of the season.
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