Why is it important to keep generations connected?

The connection of generations. Often, a person of his own free will breaks the indestructible thread connecting him with his relatives. It can be both children and parents. Everyone can be wrong. The main thing is to be able to admit one’s guilt and not to make such mistakes, for which in the future you will have to answer to your own conscience.

Fathers and Sons

Relationships of children and parents are invaluable

Turgenev raised the question of the relationship between fathers and children. And always, at all times they were far from ideal. What is the reason? In misunderstanding, in stamps and vain expectations.

Often, parents in their youth dream of conquering more than one peak. However, over time, everything becomes not as joyful as it was previously thought. The routine comes by leaps and bounds.

Children’s own choice should be fully supported

The next generation is growing up - children. And it is on them that the whole burden of the understatement, unfinishedness of their parents will fall. Children will be "obliged" to go the way their ancestors did not pass. It is annoying. After all, everyone has their own preferences and interests in life. There is a conflict and mutual insult. A scenario that repeats from generation to generation.


Support and understanding - the key to a happy relationship

Advice to all parents: do not make your own prototypes of the children! All of them are individuals. Help them open up and move in their direction. It is very important. If you make a strong-willed effort and support your children, they will be very grateful in the future.

Advice for children: love your parents! Try to put yourself in their place and just understand their point of view.

Grandchildren and grandparents

Grandma support first!

The reality is that very often relationships across a generation are very close and warm. Grandchildren often try to resemble their grandparents in everything. Consults with them. Sometimes it comes to the fact that the grandson almost identical way repeats the life path of his grandfather.

The reasons

Grandmothers do not bring up. This part of the responsibility for the fate of the child lies entirely on the shoulders of the parents.

They indulge. And that's great. But only in childhood and in moderation. If you do not indulge the child and keep it tight in the fists, who will he grow up with?

P. S

Relationship with family - this is the most valuable, fragile thing that must be cherished as the apple of an eye. A broken jug can no longer be glued together - damaged relationships will never be the same. However, you can "create a new jug" - independently make the first step towards native people.
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