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Well, where we do not. . . But we are everywhere! No, well, in fact, where it does not bring the Slavic man. Anywhere in the world you can hear the Russian language. Today I will tell about these 4 cities. What are they interesting for? What do you have to do if you are there? About this - in the article!


The capital of Austria is famous for its coffee and Viennese opera. What is she like?

The secret of the city

I’ll start the review on this city with a warning: it’s quite expensive here. No, really. Austria is considered an example for the rest of Europe: there are ideal roads, law-abiding citizens and high prices. Although, in secret: here, too, people cross the road to red and do all sorts of such things. Even here the human factor has not gone away! In short, if you are undermining and are willing to spend money on expanding your world view - go ahead, to Vienna!

What is there to do?

Now - to the positive. The city is very beautiful and ancient. There really is something to see. The majestic cathedral of St. Stephen? Or colorful-bright house Hundertwasser? Or maybe you are interested in the house of Mozart? All these attractions are concentrated in Vienna. And there is also the legendary cafe "Central", which has been operating since 1876. This is part-time and literary club, which at one time was attended by such legendary personalities as Freud, Trotsky and others. This is where you can taste the legendary Viennese coffee ... which, frankly, is no different from ours. If a child is in the shower (on the first syllable) or, more likely, traveling with children, you should visit the Wiener Prater amusement park. Such a variety of entertainment you have not seen!

Why do you need to go there?

I will not say platitudes like “for the sake of architecture” - it goes without saying that the buildings in Vienna are beautiful and worthy of attention. You can go there in order to stroll in the gardens at the Belvedere Palace and feel a little royal person, in order to buy yourself slippers in the form of Sigmund Freud or look at the incredible Danube, or laugh with funny street art, which is very much there ... Or In the end, pat the horse, which is very much on the street - it's very cute, right?


It is one of those cities that are simply required to visit artists, poets and other creative individuals. Budapest is inspiring!

The secret of the city

Budapest is a city of people with a well-developed commercial vein. And extremely spontaneous character! Upon arrival, you will immediately try to sell something (most likely, something unnecessary). To this must be prepared. If you are one of those people who hardly refuse from unnecessary services - get ready in advance.

What is there to do?

First, you just have to walk there at night. When it gets dark, the city is painted in golden colors and simply amazing. Especially - the building of Parliament, the Basilica of St. Stephen, the Church of Anna. You can also walk on the embankment of the Danube, marveling at its beauty. A good option would be to take a boat tour and consider everything carefully. Or you can climb into the mountainous areas of Budapest, he is generous to observation platforms with incredible views

Why do you need to go there?

No matter how foggy it may sound - Budapest is really inspiring. His lovely houses, lost between dense thickets, in contrast to the castle of Waindhauñad or the Fisherman's Bastion, all this leaves an indelible impression in the soul of any traveler.


The city, famous for the Eurotour film - and what else do we know about Bratislava?

The secret of the city

Arriving in Bratislava for the first time, you can not immediately understand it. This is a small town, which is quite possible to get around in 1 day. The secret is how rich Bratislava is with unusual monuments (you have to look for them!) And how low prices are there. It is profitable to go there and it is really worth it; besides, there is a lot of beautiful things in the area of ​​Bratislava - why not go there?

What is there to do?

See an unusual and fun historic center, climb into a cafe in the shape of a UFO (it is also a viewing platform), and then go to the mountains! No seriously. A great pastime option. I would advise those who are tired of megalopolises to go to Bratislava, but not enough to go to a remote province.

Why do you need to go there?

Bratislava is somewhat like a modest country girl. It is simple, but at this beautiful and attracts this openness. This city needs to be felt and understood - then everything will work out with it for you!


Well, many people dream of visiting this city - according to its “promotedness” it will soon be compared to Paris. Is it worth it?

The secret of the city

In Prague, many people know the Russian language and speak it calmly. This is the first thing that is pleasant (or not) surprising the Slavic tourist. But the disadvantage is that there are a lot of visitors there - on any given day, the most beautiful places are literally clogged. If a

What is there to do?

Walk through the Charles Bridge, admire the Vltava and listen to street musicians. Oh yes, there are plenty of them! The city is filled with people, which means it is profitable. You can meet as ordinary violinists or guitarists, and people who play on "flying saucers" - the khangs or some incomprehensible huge pipes. Yes, music is an integral part of this city. And you just have to try a strange, but delicious local dessert - trdlo or trdelnik. Real jam!

Why do you need to go there?

In Prague - freedom for musicians and those who love music. The wall of Lennon, where everyone can write peace-loving appeals, street music, an abundance of concerts and gatherings. There is also an unusual monument to the Hanging Man - Sigmund Freud, as well as the Kafka Museum ... Cultural leisure is provided to you there!

Well, on this mini-tour is completed. We can only wish you a good trip!
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