Gel-varnish: choose a quality product!

The popularity of gel-varnishes is difficult to underestimate. Resistant coating, which lasts two or three weeks - it's very convenient, because the hands remain well-groomed for a long time. Despite the obvious positive side of such coatings, many girls complain that the nails are thinner and begin to separate. The fault is low-quality gel-lacquer.

How can you determine: whether a quality product is offered to you by a specialist in a beauty salon?

First of all, pay attention to the procedure for coating: before applying a quality product, the master does not need to nail down the nail plate, which does not allow it to thin out.

The second point is the removal. A good gel-lacquer can be easily and quickly dissolved with the help of special preparations, which are in the arsenal of each master! In addition, the withdrawal takes place a maximum of 20 minutes.

It is worth paying attention to the smell: too sharp "fragrance" should alert you.

And the last: a high-quality gel-varnish can not be cheap. In this case, the combination of price and quality does not require a prefix in the form of the word "cheap".

Pay attention to a few of these moments, and your marigolds will always be healthy and beautiful!
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