The character of a woman in the shape of her face

The shape of a woman's face can tell a lot about her appearance. If you want to know someone else's characteristic or consider your own feelings hidden inside. So this article will tell you a lot of interesting things.

The rectangular face shape and character of a woman

rectangular face and character

Whiskey and cheekbones in this form are at the same level in width. The width of the face is approximately equal to half its height.

People with a rectangular face are very self-confident and stubborn. Very often their pressure borders on arrogance. They need to control this trait in order not to spoil relations in a business environment. With the harmonious development of personality, assertiveness helps women with a rectangular face shape to achieve good career heights.

The desire to achieve heights in a career can adversely affect the personal lives of these women. It is hard for them to open up and they often focus on certain things. However, if they find a soul mate and can trust her, they will be faithful and happy.

Square face shape and character of a woman

square face and character

The width and height of such a face are approximately equal. The most prominent are the temples and cheekbones.

The square shape of the face gives out women who are very purposeful and extremely resolute. They go easy on various adventures and not be afraid to work on themselves. If desired, women with a square face can build a dizzying quarry. They easily promote their own business and are suitable for diplomacy. These women are able to control their own emotions and words. They never say too much and they miss their speech only through the head.

Personal life for women with a square face is difficult to build. They are very responsible and require high performance from the second half. At the same time, people have a good sense of humor and get along well with people.

Round face shape and character of a woman

round face and character

The width of a round face is usually equal to its length. The most protruding part are the cheeks.

The round shape of the face characterizes a woman with a soft and kind side. These women have a craving for cooking and good housewives. For owners of the round face creative professions are peculiar. The greatest danger for them is their friendliness and habit of thinking more about others than about themselves. Chubby women are very sociable and easily mastered in an unfamiliar environment, therefore they are the soul of the company and the leader in the team.

Personal life for most women with a round face has some difficulties. The thing is that they are quite impermanent and easily lose interest in people.

Oval face shape and character of a woman

oval face and character

Women with an oval face are very suspicious. They hardly trust someone to work. It's easier for them to do everything themselves. They are very good performers and extremely appreciated by the authorities. Oval-faced people are creative and often dream. Life choices are guided by intuition and often benefit from it.

In private life, choose a partner carefully. They love independence and do not tolerate oppression from a loved one.

Heart-shaped face and character of a woman

heart-shaped face and character

People with a heart-shaped face have a sharp chin and a broad forehead.

Women with a heart-shaped face are quite closed. They have tremendous inner potential and willpower. If they decide something, then they will definitely achieve it. These girls know exactly what they want and how to achieve it. They are great strategists and calculate every step. Women are very active and have a huge charge of energy.

For a successful union with the opposite sex, women with a heart-shaped face are helpful in doing something unusual. To be easier and easier to live.

Inverted triangle or pear-shaped face of a woman

inverted triangle and character

Face - "inverted triangle" has a narrow forehead and a heavy, wide chin.

People with a pear-shaped face love publicity. They are creative and often endowed with acting qualities. Such girls choose creative professions and achieve popularity or recognition at least in a narrow circle. Representatives of the pear-shaped face are very hot-tempered and do not like to sort things out for a long time.

Women with this type of face are tender and sensual. They are easily offended and they are sensitive to any criticism from a loved one.

Face shape - rhombus

diamond face and character

Women with a diamond-shaped face are distinguished by a sharp chin and high forehead, which narrows upwards.

Women with a face in the shape of a diamond are very selfish and keenly perceive any criticism. They are capable of sharp attacks on the enemy and do not hide their feelings. Such girls like to control everything and are sometimes despotic towards subordinates.

In the personal life of a woman with a diamond-shaped face happy. They pay great attention to romantic little things and are surprisingly gentle and tactful towards their beloved.

The shape of a woman’s face can tell a lot about her character. However, do not completely rely on these characteristics. To see a more complete picture, it is necessary to evaluate also the fit of the eyes, cheekbones and other features of appearance. Physiognomy is a whole science that can very successfully determine the personality temperament, as well as its emotional state.
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