The most useful products for beauty and health

Products on our table are fraught with much more useful than we think. The main thing to use them on time and in reasonable quantities!

For the beauty of the face

The biggest problem for girls at a young age is acne. She is able to spoil the impression of even the most attractive person. Do not cry, better buy a pumpkin. Yes, yes, it is the pumpkin that will help clean the face, and, in addition, remove the greasy shine from it. Therefore, pumpkin juices are tasty and healthy. Also, do not abuse the sweet, and if you want to eat more of what you need, it is better to dilute your diet with fresh fruit.

Kidney disease

Inflammation of the kidneys is a common and unpleasant disease. Of course, doctors prescribe a lot of drugs that may eventually be able to help your body.

But is it not better to eat an ordinary pear, which is available in stores in any season and is quite inexpensive? The fact is that this fruit familiar to us contains the most important antibiotic called arbutin. That he is able to kill germs associated with the occurrence of the disease. Just rub the pear in puree and eat at least 10 spoons per day (about 1-2 pears). After the weekly course it is worth pausing and evaluating the result.

Such a pear diet does not in any way cancel a visit to a doctor, but will be able to strengthen the body in a natural way and reduce the damage from the disease.

To whiten teeth

For the health and whiteness of teeth, we recommend that you drink juice, which contains lemon, which helps with dental diseases, and is also used to remove unpleasant odors and black plaque. An ordinary lemon can change your smile, make it attractive and attractive, and your teeth healthy and strong.

For a good mood

We all have heard about the benefits of baking with bran and whole grains. Such bread works very well on the work of the abdomen and other internal organs, and helps to gently remove cholesterol from the body. In addition, the amino acid composition of cereal products improves mood and is best suited for breakfast. When at work a lot of stressful situations, indulge yourself in the morning with bread with whole grains in combination with sour-milk drinks.

To concentrate the mind

If your job involves complex calculations, you should always have fish in your menu. A high phosphorus content in marine fish stimulates the brain, and omega-3 helps to improve immunity and mood. Add some trout, mackerel or tuna to your diet, and the result will come by itself.

Against stress

When your nerves are at the limit, eat chicken broth soup. Proteins and tryptophan, which are found in chicken meat, have a beneficial effect and help to synthesize serotonin and improve mood.
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