Making Halloween Spirits: Top 5 Best Witch Movies

Halloween is one of the most atmospheric holidays of the year. Preparing for it involves several steps: choosing a costume, decorating a room for a party, drawing up a “terrible” menu. And to get a lot of pleasure from this process, you need to create a special mood! Save a selection of themed witch movies and watch them with your friends!

Focus Pokus

The film of 1993 still does not lose relevance. It has everything: the fearsome Sisters of Sanderson, the friendly zombie, the talking cat, the ubiquitous hooligans and brave teenagers. The leading roles are performed by beautiful actresses Beth Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Najimi.

A wonderful fairy tale on Halloween can be watched by the whole family. Perhaps the kids will find it scary, but adults will appreciate the many-sided humor and get a lot of fun!

Gloomy shadows

Inimitable Johnny Depp appeared before the audience in the role of a vampire aristocrat. He broke the heart of a young witch and was trapped underground for several centuries. Returning to the world of the 70s, Barnabas Collins met his descendants. He vows to breathe life into the old house and return glory to his family. But it soon turns out that the witch Angelica is still alive and does not lose hope of taking possession of the heart of the vampire.

Tim Burton's picture is an interpretation of the famous 70s series. To translate the idea, the director has assembled a team of excellent actors. The film starred Michelle Pfeipffer, Eva Green, Helena Bonham Carter.

Brothers Grimm

Jacob and William Grimm are desperate adventurers, traveling the villages and acting out in front of naive villagers. They urged residents that an evil spirit had started up in their houses, and then publicly “expelled” her. But that all changed when the brothers came across a real witch. The sorceress kidnapped young girls to perform an ominous ritual.

Directed by Terry Gilliam created a unique story based on popular children's fairy tales. Monica Bellucci, Matt Deyman and Heath Lager were able to reveal the characters of their characters from the new side.

Witch time

This terrible story unfolds in medieval Europe. Residents of cities and villages suffer from the plague, which brought with them hunger, death and horror. The church immediately found the culprit misfortune: a young, helpless girl. In order to restore justice and correct, if it is still possible, the situation, the witch is sent to a distant abbey. The witch’s guard is composed of six brave warriors who are ready to repel demonic attacks.

The main role in the film was played by Nicolas Cage. This time he appeared in the form of a brave knight who had returned from a crusade.

Queen of Spades: Black Rite

Critics have called this picture one of the best Russian horror of the last decade. And the film really scares no worse than Hollywood counterparts! The story begins with a story about children who have decided to conduct a special ritual. He must summon the mysterious Queen of Spades into our world. But the old mirror turned the prank into a real nightmare when it released the dormant evil.

The picture was created by a young director Svyatoslav Podgayevsky. The actors played their roles very convincingly, and the special effects were at the proper level.

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