Unexpected postulate in food: use + use = harm!

Have you ever thought about the fact that two delicious and healthy food products in "solo parts" are in the lead in their characteristics, but the duet of these "stars" just need to veto urgently.

What is it about? And we are talking about all the favorite cucumber-tomato salad, which we all with great pleasure plan in the summer and winter, on weekdays and holidays, at home and at a picnic. Undoubtedly, it is tasty and color attractive, is prepared at times and does not require the skills and skills of the chef.

The food of this dish did not sing deeffrebs except that it was deaf and dumb, but it turned out to be right: this duet on our table should be banned! Why? But we will ponder over such scientific researches, which actually take place:
  • tomatoes, getting in the gastrointestinal tract, form an acidic environment, and cucumber-alkaline. The use of these vegetables in its original form in one dish triggers in the human body the process of salt formation, which is performed by salt mines in the kidneys;
  • liver diseases are just waiting for frequent meetings of red and green "colleagues" in one salad bowl on our table;
  • Cucumber enzyme ascorbinase completely kills ascorbic acid, which the tomatoes were ready to share with us generously;
  • tomatoes in raw form are not combined with anything, and in salad we put both onions and bell peppers;
  • for their digestion, each vegetable requires individual enzymes, so at the same time both in this process can not participate, which means that one of the couple will have to wait for his hour, slightly rotting;
This duet is a classic example of the simultaneous intake of vitamin-rivals into the body, and it is clearly understood that the cucumber and tomato do not intend to work in tandem.

But the list of such "sweet couples" is not limited to vegetables from a traditional salad.

Juicy examples of a combination of the incongruous can serve as alcohol and what we usually prefer to it, what they say, in a hurry: chocolate, pirozhenki with cream and fruit. Alcohol plus chocolate - and the liver in a knockout: the first provides a gentle organ with short spasms, and the second blocks the hepatic ducts. And so, the inflammation is present, and there and pancreatitis will tighten.

If you eat a hot cake or cake with a fat cream, then the stomach will give preference to sweets (however, this is understandable), which will lead to the release of insulin into the blood, and alcohol will wait its turn, poisoning the body with toxins in TNT equivalent and at the same time our whole life.

Sweet and semi-sweet fruits (banana, figs, grapes, watermelon) in combination with alcohol work just like cakes, and melon in this case, being under the charm of incredible alcoholic charisma, literally sings songs, which can lead to a real storm or explosion.

And what do you think about this? Maybe all these arguments are completely unfounded, and you can still enjoy your favorite combinations in food?
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