5 things that you understand, having matured

It seems that before everything was so simple and easy, the biggest problem was to write a good test or something like that. But growing up reveals several important truths. Here they are.

Mom was right

It doesn't matter what exactly she turned out to be right: about the fact that in winter it is better to wear warm pants, and not your favorite caps with a short skirt, that you should always have breakfast, even if you don't want to, or that this is your Vaska (Petka, Dimka ...) you are not a couple at all. It doesn't matter what exactly. But mom was definitely right about something. And over time it comes.

If you think whether to wash your hair today - my

Otherwise such a question wouldn’t arise, right? The same goes for the rest of self-care. All of these now become anecdote masochki on the face and cucumbers on the eyes no longer seem so ridiculous. After them, you really become more attractive. This is already known by experience. So why not use them.

Common tastes are unimportant

It used to be - here I will meet a man who loves, for example, the Metallica group and the film "The Philosophers" - and we will definitely be fine. And over time, you realize that, in principle, it is not so important. He may adore all your favorite music, movies and books - but at the same time from life wanting something completely different. And the main thing in life and relationships - similar goals and views on the future.

Good lifestyle is good

Previously, there were no words duller and worse than this correct way of life. I wanted to kink and create garbage. Talking on the phone for hours, coming from walks in the morning, suddenly going to another city, there is all sorts of nonsense was the highest pleasure. Over time, impulsive actions, of course, have not lost their attractiveness - but it has come to the understanding that it is impossible to live this way forever. Otherwise, life will turn into some kind of surrealism. This is good, like a mixture of peppers - sometimes, to make it hot.

You must always repay debts

And the question here is not only and not so much about money. Of course, not surrendered financial debts noticeably spoil your relationship with friends and family, but that's not the point. You should always give people the same amount as they give you - warmth, care, respect. And better, a little more, not greedy. It is then that relationships with others will noticeably improve.
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