What qualities and abilities do you have (test)

We all want to know our abilities, the best qualities, to move in the right direction. But knowing oneself is not so easy. This test will help you look into the hidden corners of your soul.

Self test

Close your eyes. Imagine a blue sky above your head. It captured the entire horizon. The color of the sky is bright, saturated, it does not have a single cloud. Here you slowly look from heaven to earth. What picture was in front of you, which of the following listed seems to you the most pleasant, giving peace of mind:
  1. In front of you lies a snow-white valley covered with snow.
  2. In front of you, you see a bright blue sea going beyond the horizon.
  3. Before you - the mountains covered with green shoots.
  4. There is only a field ahead, all in yellow colors.

Decryption test

Once you have chosen one of the options, look at their meaning.
  1. 1 option. Snow. Your intuition is very well developed. She will always prompt the correct answer, so try to listen to her. Thanks to your gift, you can instantly assess the situation and cope with the most difficult problems. For this you do not need any facts, explanations, evidence. You are an insightful and decisive person, to some extent even a seer.
  2. Option 2. Sea. Your gift is the ability to communicate. You know how to handle other people, create a working environment in a team. Thanks to you, the team becomes more united, everyone works efficiently and calmly. People are waiting for your approval, and, having received it, they understand that you praise not just like that, but express your opinion.
  3. 3 option. The mountains. You know how to express your feelings, always pick up words that will help show your emotions. Your gift is that you convey your feelings so well with words that the interlocutors understand: they once felt the same. You can share the joy of another person, thereby multiplying it, or you can sympathize with the grief by helping the other person.
  4. 4 option. Field. You are overwhelmed with ideas. You are a creative person with great knowledge. You have great potential. Never give up on your dream, because you can achieve a lot, there are almost no peaks that you could not conquer. But do not forget to live in harmony with other people.
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