5 people who poison our lives

American speaker and business coach Jim Rohn is the author of many books on psychology and development. Once he declared that our personality consists of 5 people with whom we often spend time. More precisely, it is these closest people who form our picture of the world.

Some people have a positive effect on all areas of our life and their perception. However, it is worth getting rid of other personalities. Or, at least, reduce the time of communication with them. They negatively affect personal and business qualities. Like toxins, they poison our lives and completely prevent them from developing simply by their presence.

Caution whiners!

keep away from whom

Communicating with pessimists has a very negative effect on the emotional state of a person, and, as a result, on his business activity. Whiners are hard not to unravel in the crowd. They are constantly not happy with something. More precisely, even upset. The sky above them is always dark, and the grass is never green. As a rule, problems and dissatisfaction always reign in their home. This negative is very contagious. He infects with his tearfulness and makes him sad thoughts. Psychologists have proven that people believe in bad things more readily than in something pleasant. Therefore, quickly get rid of the society of the whiner as soon as possible.

Envy - poison for the heart

envious harm person

Envious people do not usually stand out in a crowd and cannot be immediately recognized among the social circle. Especially if they are your employees, not close friends. Some envious people carefully hide their feelings. However, if you look closely, they can be calculated. Typically, these individuals try to devalue all your achievements. They talk about the pleasures of life without children when you are pregnant and about a wonderful holiday in your native country when you return from a vacation abroad. Sometimes envious, just try to devalue everything that you do. The presence of an envier in your life leads to a constant feeling of dissatisfaction and sometimes even guilt for actions that are not your fault.

Miss Suffering

people with victim syndrome

The eternal victim usually has a pathologically chronic condition of the victim. She can do nothing with the problems that have fallen on her and is completely helpless in solving them. The victim has the worst relationships with parents and loved ones and they all want to offend them. They are constantly suffering and need protection. Do not come close to Miss Suffering, otherwise you will surely offend her. Even if you are the kindest person in the world, you will bring another suffering to the victim. This type of person can not without this state. So, if one of the two is a victim, then the other will automatically become an offender. In the worst case scenario, you simply become infected with a suffering mood and also take on the role of a victim for the whole world. If you have already begun to blame others for your problems and lose the power to solve them, run away from Miss Suffering.

Betrayer betray!

traitors are dangerous for the personality

You should never justify the person who betrayed you. Accept this situation, release it, forgive the traitor and quickly move away from him. People do not change. And if they change, do you really want to check it out the hard way a second time. Carefully filter your circle of friends and leave only those you can trust among them. Moreover, traitors pass on their habits to you and soon your own principles will not seem right to you. Perhaps you yourself already admit the thought that you can be less noble. Throw away people with such a rotten character.

Radio with bad news

gossips you are not friends

Gossips have a negative impact not only on the person’s identity, but also on the whole team. They constantly talk about someone and make a perpetual dissonance in the office. Their stories are not always true and often only tell about the negative aspects of a person. They do not talk about employee development, but they are happy to chat about Masha's next lover from the accounting department. Although no novel was not foreseen, and even Masha may not be in the accounting department. Stay away from such people. They bring extra nonsense into your life. In addition, you risk damaging your reputation and get the title of the same gossip in the team.

Each person chooses his own circle of communication. However, you should never forget that our friends and just people from our everyday life shape us as an individual, and also affect all areas of our life.
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