Who is your child: "greedy-beef" or a defender of personal space?

Is your kid playing in the sandbox greedy and not sharing toys with his peers? Do not rush to scold the crumb and apologize to the surprised parents. Listen to the child and you will understand why he is doing this.

Who am I?

Psychologists say that the tomboy 1, 5-3 years old lacks the understanding of "one-to-one". When from the children's room for the first time comes the victory cry “My! "Rejoice. Such a reaction suggests that the first serious stage of psychological development has started in the life of a baby. At this time, your thief creates an idea of ​​himself - a crumb tries to draw personal boundaries. Everything that is so dear and important to a child is included in the concept of "mine". Therefore, do not scold a son or a daughter for the greed shown in these years.

Be able to say no

At the age of three, children learn to say no. Do not hinder this, because the inability to refuse leads to a lot of problems in the future. Just make sure that such protection of your own territory does not grow into chronic greed.

Let's be friends!

After 3, 5 years in children begins the process of socialization. Communication with the surrounding children becomes a priority in the life of every young mischievous child. And personal items are now the elements that bind the friendship tightly. To win over, for example, neighbor girl Katya, you will have to share with her a collection of new dresses for a Barbie doll or hair clips. If the child does not want to give a piece of himself, the new friendship will not take place.

Sharing an intimate thing with a girl you like is a way to make a new friendship!

When greed manifests itself at the age of 5-7 years, it signals the internal problems of the student. Parents should sound the alarm and correct mistakes in education.

Teach kids

Did you see that your child rudely pushed a friend from his bike? Do not panic, collect your thoughts and do the following:
  • do not scold the child, the baby has the right to dispose of their own toys in their own way;
  • do not let other moms criticize the actions of your little bully;
  • do not make the child responsible for the situation; let the mother of the offended child explain to her offspring that not all the toys of the world belong to him;
  • let the boy take the thing taken from him, only politely and without the use of brute force.

On, this is for you!

Offer the young creature to share a cute trifle, saying: “Look, after all, Dima was sad, give him a scoop! "," Then you fill the bucket together faster! ". Still try to involve both guys in a joint game. So you turn the attention of the kids and help them forget about the recent skirmish.

If, for example, the mother of the neighbor boy, Misha, rebels and demands that his son be generous, do not pay attention. Coercion will not lead to anything good.

Explain to your children by example what “mine” and “not mine” are. So the child pays respect to both personal and alien property.

Teach the child. Let him from an early age respect his and others' property!

Cherished trophy

Boys and girls often notice new purchases from friends or mates from kindergarten. Yes, they also want a prefix, like Serezha from the 1st entrance, or a set of dishes, like Svetka from a neighboring yard. Do not rush to satisfy every request of young cunning, otherwise in a couple of years he will require such a thing that you can not afford. Teach kids to appreciate what you have. Remember that the foundation of moral values ​​is laid in children at 5 years of age. Then it will be difficult to overcome in the child of the inner tyrant, which you yourself have created.

Nurture wisely

The reluctance to share things and the willingness to assert their own rights are two different things. More often listen to the needs of the baby and avoid the phrases: “You are a greedy person, I do not want to be friends with you! ". Such manipulations of parents make the baby go at all, so long as he is not scolded. As a result, no educational effect.

Prepare in advance for a visit or a walk. Explain to your son or daughter that there will be other children there. Take with you those toys that will not be a pity to share. If the child hides his moonwalker in his bosom, and with someone else's toy is playing with pleasure, tell him that this is not fair. If he gladly gives him a shot and his own water pistol to the first oncoming boy, praise him for his kindness and generosity.

Praise your child for every manifestation of generosity!

Let your children grow up sincere, fair and noble people!
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