How to clean up? Organization of the desktop

Both at home and in the office, clutter on the desktop is equally depressing. If the daily efforts that have to be spent on cleaning, do not meet your expectations, you should think about a more rational organization of the desktop. This process involves several steps. Doing them consistently, you can enjoy the comfort and forget about how much time they used to spend on searching for an important document, stapler or flash drive.

Remove all!

To begin, completely free the table. Empty all its drawers and drawers. Chronic desktop clutter is caused by cluttering. Enumerate everything that was on your desktop. Old notebooks with irrelevant notes, broken office, various trifles that do not even have a functional purpose - all this can be found at the stage of clunking. Feel free to get rid of such things.

Necessary and not very necessary

Of course, most things that were on the desktop will not go to the trash. However, do not rush to return them to their original place. Rate each item in terms of its relevance to yourself. How often do you use it? Everything that is used daily, has the right to return to the table. Items that you use a little less can be placed in his boxes. Sorting the right things is pretty easy, if you stick to the rule: "The less often a thing is used, the further it is worth keeping it." The necessary, but rarely used things can be put in the closet or put on the shelf in the immediate vicinity of the table.

You may have a category of things about which you cannot immediately decide whether to leave them on the table or move them to another place. It is recommended to put them all in one box and put them in the next room or closet. Return to the contents of this box in a month. Perhaps, you will remember about useful items from it even earlier, but it does not make sense to return everything else to the table.

Useful stuff

Without the office on the desktop can not do - with this hardly anyone dares to argue. But how much is it needed? A dozen pens, a sharpener, a paper knife and a whole set of multi-colored markers. . . Perhaps you are used to seeing it all on your desktop. These items take up little space, but do you really need them? Keep at a distance from your arm only the office that you regularly use. Everything else can be sent to the desk drawer. It is desirable that the office, like all other small items on the table, had its own place. The best solution would be to use an organizer. If not, you can use a small container.

It also makes sense to get an organizer for wires. To prevent the wires from entangling with each other, it is recommended to twist the excess length and fasten it with a stationery clip or any other device. Place the organizer for wires on the table so that you do not have to reach for it when you need to use one or another device.

Storage system

Maintaining order is much easier when every thing has its own place. If you have to deal with a large number of documents, without stickers on the boxes and folders can not do. It is not necessary to sign each "reminder". If you develop your own storage system, it is enough to mark items with a specific color.

View items that are permanent inhabitants of your table. If, despite all your efforts, they take up too much free space, consider alternative storage options. Can a part of the items be placed on hooks or hanging organizers? Does it make sense to hang a corkboard on the wall so that all the notes on current projects leave the table, but remain before your eyes?

Personal items and decor

In the office and at home, it is important to maintain a delicate balance in the use of pleasant trifles that motivate new accomplishments and bring pleasant memories. Rational organization of the desktop does not exclude the presence of decor. It is only important to clearly indicate for yourself its quantity. Numerous souvenirs, postcards and memorable photos will serve as distracting factors if your desktop becomes a place to store them. Optimally keep no more than 2-3 personal items on your desktop.

How to maintain order?

Having got rid of unnecessary things on the table and having structured the workspace, it will become much easier to maintain order. To spend on cleaning a minimum of time and effort, after each completed case return used items to their places. Remember that the organization of the desktop can be modified. Determine which items you are most distracted about and change their location. Try new storage options for your own convenience and to keep order.
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